Joey King Net Worth – How Much Does Joey King Make?

Joey King Net Worth – How Much Does Joey King Make?

Actress Joey Lynn King is considered to be one of the most profound actors of the current generation.

Would you like to know actress Joey King’s net worth and some of her high-end possessions? Stick around and follow through this guide.

Joey King’s career

Actress Joey King started acting from a young age. She commenced her career as a child artist in Hollywood and was already in commercials before starting kindergarten. Since her first public appearance in a comedy film released in 2010, Joey King has participated in 63 projects, with each project showing more and more of her acting prowess.

Joey King is primarily known for her lead role in the ‘Kissing Booth’ (2018) and a starring role in the film ‘The Act’ (2019). The latter saw her nominated for various awards in the same year.

Joey King’s net worth

A report published in Life and Style indicated that as of 2020, Joey King’s net worth was estimated to be $3 Million USD. That’s around £2.166 million in the UK. This is arguably the highest net worth among her ‘Kissing Booth’ co-stars.

How did Joey King accumulate all this?

Commercials – According to a report published in a leading news daily, Joey has been in commercials since she was 6 and has starred in hundreds of commercials since then.

Endorsements – It is reported that Joey King has worked as a brand endorser for leading brands such as McDonald’s and Life Cereal. There are also speculations that she has worked with prominent artists such as Christopher Nolan and Taylor swift.

Films – Joey has fetched a lot from the films she has featured. She, for example, earned $650k USD from her contribution to the famous film, ‘The White House Down.’ In addition, her well-loved film, ‘Conjuring,’ made a massive $319 Million USD in the period it was run in theatres.

Her 2017 Mercedes Benz (White in colour), known to cost not less than $50,000 USD, is a clear indication of what her taste and worth is.#

More on Joey King’s breakthrough and professional life

Joey King first rose to fame for portraying ‘Ramona Quimby’ in ‘Ramona and Beezus,’ a 2010 comedy film. The film was an adaptation of Beverly Clearly’s book series known as ‘Beezus and Ramona.’

Her leading role in ‘Kissing Booth,’ a hit and much-loved film, also gained her great recognition. The ‘Kissing Booth’ is based on a novel of a similar name by Beth Reekles but is written and directed by Vince Marcello.