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Jack Grealish Net Worth – How Much is Jack Grealish Worth?

Jack Grealish Net Worth – How Much is Jack Grealish Worth?

Aston Villa has many talented players, but Jack Grealish stands out to be one of the most creative wingers. He is actually ranked as one of the top players within his team.

In this article, we’ll look into what this Premier league’s highly gifted player earns and what his life beyond football is like.

Who is Jack Grealish?

Jack Grealish is an English footballer currently playing for Manchester City. He is quite a versatile footballer who plays in several positions, including Attacking Midfielder (AM), Left Centre Back (LCB) and Right Centre Back (RCB). He is a first-team player at Aston Villa, playing number 10.

Grealish’s skills on the ball (a technical dribbler) and his ability to run past defenders is something every footballer would want to take after. This English footballer is also known as the king of assists. His unique aerial duels and tackles in each game also make him one of the best players in England.

Jack Grealish’s charity work…

Jack Grealish’s life is not all about football. During his time at Aston Villa, he was been involved in many charitable activities, including contributing to campaigns by the Aston Villa Foundation.

His selfless dedication to helping people has seen him being a core ambassador for ‘Saving Lives,’ a charity whose primary goal is to alleviate the stigma of testing for HIV and other STIs. He has also helped raise awareness for ‘Cure Leukemia,’ a blood cancer charity.

Other than charity activities, Jack Grealish seems to be enthusiastic about music. Unlike many football players, Grealish is not a fan of tattoos. When it comes to cars, Grealish prefers sturdy and fast cars. He currently owns a sleek Range Rover.

How Old is Jack Grealish?

Jack Grealish was born on 10th September 1995 in Birmingham, England. He is currently 25 years old. Jack’s mother is called Karen and the two have a very solid bond. Grealish has two sisters, Holly and Kiera.

How did Jack Grealish Become Famous?

Jack Grealish joined Aston Villa youth when he was six years old. To gain experience playing as a first player and improve his chances of playing competitive football on the regular Grealish was loaned to Notts County in September 2013. His debut on 14th September 2013 was a 3-1 loss to MK Dons, but this did not stop Grealish from improving his skills.

Grealish’s first professional goal was on 7th December 2013 when they won 3-1 over Gillingham. On returning to Aston Villa, the player started to frequently feature in the first team.

Grealish established his spot as an outstanding player when Aston Villa was relegated to the EFL championship. When playing in the Championships (2016 to 2019), Grealish rose to fame as one of England’s most talented young players. He saw the Villains win playoffs back to back and eventually being promoted to the Premier League season.

Jack Grealish transferred to Manchester City in August 2021 (at the cost of £100 million)

Jack Grealish’s highlights for the 2020/21 Premier League season

In the just-completed 2020/21 season, Jack Grealish made 26 appearances, 2 subs and scored 6 times after 38 match days.

As mentioned above, Jack Grealish is exceptional when it comes to assists. In the just-completed 2020/21 season, he had 10 assists ranking number 21 in the Premier League. He also created 41 chances, ranking number 11 in the Premier League.

Grealish worked with his teammates to thrash the defending champions Liverpool 7-2. They also won their game against Arsenal 3-0. Aston Villa finished at number 11 with 55 points this season.

Who is Jack Grealish’s Girlfriend?

Jack Grealish has a girlfriend called Sasha Attwood. The two have been in a long-term relationship as they met as teenagers in high school. Despite maintaining a secretive social profile, it is known that Jack’s girlfriend works for top modelling agencies in Europe.

When does Jack Grealish’s current contract expire?

Jack Grealish’s signed a 5 years contract with Aston Villa in 2020. The contract will expire on 30th June 2025. When signing the contract, he made a statement saying that the club owner had great hopes to improve the club and that he would be glad to be part of the success.

What is Jack Grealish’s Net Worth?

Grealish’s net worth currently stands at £15,397,200. Most of what Grealish has pocketed so far comes from his club, which pays him well due to his crucial role in the first team. He is one of the highest earners at Manchester City.

This English footballer’s salary has increased over the years, now standing at £120,000 per week and £6,240,000 annually.

As from 2020, Jack Grealish has made appearances for the England National Football team in international matches, earning even more from his football career.

Grealish’s market value is around £100 million.

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