InstaGC – Earn FREE Gift Cards and Cash for completing online tasks

InstaGC – Earn FREE Gift Cards and Cash for completing online tasks

Are you looking to earn some extra cash online? InstaGC might be your perfect solution. InstaGC allows you to earn at the comfort of your living room by just dedicating a few minutes out of your time. You’re required to complete simple tasks to earn points which are later converted into real cash.

The amount of money you can earn with InstaGC varies depending on your determination and time dedicated to complete various tasks.

In this guide, we’ll answer several questions regarding InstaGC to help you learn more on how to earn gift cards for completing surveys on InstaGC.

What is InstaGC?

InstaGC is an online website that rewards people for completing tasks online, such as completing surveys, downloading apps, signing-up for free trials and watching videos. Once you complete these tasks, InstaGC gets a small commission and pays you a portion of the commission.

How does InstaGC work?

InstaGC is a get paid to (GPT) website. It has partnered with various companies looking for consumer opinion on specific products, services and general topics. These companies give InstaGC several projects and in turn InstaGC offers these tasks to its users. Once a user completes a task, InstaGC gets paid and it shares some commission to the user.

How do you join InstaGC?

Signing-up for InstaGC is free provided you’re 18 years and above. Teenagers with parent’s permission are also allowed to join InstaGC. This process is straightforward and is completed through three steps.

• Register

This is the first step and you get to create your account by visiting the InstaGC website, You can join using your email, Google, Twitter or Facebook account. After registration, you earn 10 points for free.

• Complete tasks

There are various tasks you can do and they’re displayed on the dashboard when you log in. These tasks include completing surveys, watching videos, making calls, ad walls, conducting free trials and shopping.

• Cashout

Once you have exceeded the minimum redeemable points and are willing to cash out; you can do so by either a direct deposit to PayPal or gift cards.

How do you earn gift cards with InstaGC?

There are several tasks to do on InstaGC to earn gift cards. You need first to complete the task given to earn points which you can redeem as gift cards.

• Complete surveys

Take the surveys available each day to maximise your points. Note that you’re required to first complete several test questions to qualify for each survey. The surveys are sourced from LiveSample, Your Surveys and TheoremReach and can earn you 2-105 points each.

• Watching videos

This is the easiest task and therefore it doesn’t pay as much as other tasks. You’re required to watch several videos to get paid. You can also earn bonuses for watching certain number of videos per week.

• Testing products

Here you purchase products and get paid for giving genuine reviews. It’s advisable to only purchase items you need as in some cases, the compensation may be lower than the cost of purchasing and thus, you may end up making losses.

• Testing Apps

For this task, you’re required to test the experience of using new apps and hence you should download those which are free because otherwise, you might end up making a loss. The points you earn will vary depending on the length of each task. However, this gives better returns than completing surveys.

• Referring friends

When you refer your friends you will get 10% of their earnings on InstaGC.

Which gift cards can you earn with InstaGC?

The gift cards you can earn with InstaGC depend on the number of points you have. 100 points are equivalent to £0.71 and hence once you convert your points into cash, you’ll get the amount of points worth a gift card.

The gift cards you can earn with InstaGC include Amazon, Airbnb and Adidas.

Is InstaGC a legit website?

Yes, InstaGC is a legit website it has been operating since 2011. Through the years, it has gained popularity, as evidenced by the 200,000 likes on Facebook and 1.2 million members worldwide who provide genuine reviews.

Does InstaGC have a Refer a Friend Scheme?

Yes, InstaGC has a refer-a-friend scheme. If you’re enjoying these tasks, you can share your experience with a friend and get to earn additional points. The InstaGC referral scheme allows you to make 10 extra points when anyone uses your unique referral link. You also get to earn 10% of their earnings thereafter.

How do you claim gift cards after completing surveys at InstaGC?

First, you’ll be required to request gift card redemption when you at least have 100 points.

Then verification process is done through an automated phone call or text if it’s your first card gift redemption.

After this, the gift card codes are displayed on your device and you can use them to claim the prize.

Final thoughts…

InstaGC is a legitimate website that you can utilise to earn extra money during your free time. The more you spend your time on this website, the more points you earn, which translates into a better income. Register now to start earning!