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How Much do Inflatable Hot Tubs Cost to Run UK?

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How Much do Inflatable Hot Tubs Cost to Run UK?

Want to know how much inflatable hot tubs cost to run? keep reading!

The total cost of running your inflatable hot tub will depend upon the size of it and how often that you use it.

The company Lay-Z-Spa have estimated that it costs somewhere between £7 to £10 per hour to run one of their inflatable hot tubs according to the information given to them by their customers.

The actual cost will depend on the tariff charged by different energy providers as well as the size of your inflatable hot tub. Overall an inflatable hot tub is cheaper to run than a fixed spa with a wooden surround.

Every inflatable hot tub comes with an insulated cover that helps to keep the water within the spa warm. You can also opt to buy floor protectors that prevent inflatable hot tub being cooled down by a cold floor.

Lay-Z-Spa hot tubs are thermostatically controlled, which reduces energy use and therefore over all costs.

Lay-Z-Spa based their estimate on the assumption that the average tub was used three times a week for 25 minutes.

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