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IKEA Buy Back – Exchange your old furniture for Store Credit

IKEA Buy Back

IKEA Buy Back UK – Exchange your old furniture for Store Credit

Want to know more about IKEA Buy Back? Well we have you covered!

IKEA the Furniture company will now BUY BACK your old furniture for up to 50% of the original price!

How IKEA Buy Back Works…

The customers will have to log the item they wish to return with IKEA so they can start to generate an estimate for the item.

‘As new’ items, with no scratches, will generate 50% of the original sale price, ‘very good’ items, with minor scratches or nicks will be offered 40% of the original sale price and ‘well used’, with several scratches, will get 30%. Not bad for freeing up some space! In order for the item to be correctly appraised, it will need to be fully assembled and taken to the customer returns desk where the final valuation will take place.

This scheme will operate in 27 countries across the world and applies to furniture typically without upholstery, such as the famous Billy bookcases, chairs, stools, desks and dining tables. So anything with a fabric lining or “cushions” may not be accepted.

Anything that can’t be resold will be recycled…

IKEA also made the statement that anything that cannot be resold will instead be recycled to it’s fullest extent where possible. Ikea also have claimed to try and assign a dedicated area within every store where people can sell back their old furniture and find repaired or refurbished furniture.

IKEA Recycling Scheme has been in High Demand…

The company have actually been testing a similar scheme in Edinburgh and Glasgow, Scotland, UK and it’s been going on for over a year. The response for a service like this has been showing more and more within the communities in the area so IKEA decided to roll out this successful venture to more locations.

This new scheme is also in line with IKEA’s pledge to become more environmentally friendly and they aim to become ‘a fully circular and climate positive business by 2030’. Basically it becoming a more ‘circular business’ means recycling more and more materials and products to reduce the environmental impact as a business.

How to find the value of your IKEA Furniture…

To find out how much IKEA will give you for your old furniture simply use the ‘Buy Back Estimator Tool’ on the IKEA website


IKEA as a company seems to be going from strength to strength as they have announced plans to open a record number of new stores this year. They currently operate in 40 countries and plan to open 50 new stores worldwide, in addition to the already up and running 445 stores! Since lockdown measures, IKEA have seen a slight increase in interest for people to refurbish their homes and their latest sales figures show the sales were over £35 billion.

So what better way to make a little bit of cash whilst freshening up your home?

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