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How to Reduce your Supermarket Bill

How to Reduce your Supermarket Bill

As we try to save money when shopping, the obvious things can make a huge difference. According to a recent study, families in the UK spend an excess of £85 every week on groceries! Right now, the world is dealing with Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, most people have lost jobs and businesses, making it hard to provide for their families. Nowadays, having a roof over your head and keeping food on your table are the two crucial things. Therefore, cutting back expenses to thrive is the only option. To save money on food when shopping in the UK, follow these tips:


If you want to save when buying food, plan to avoid impulse buying. Write a shopping list and stick to it to avoid spending more than your estimated budget. To do it right, plan your family’s meal for the entire week, write a list, and then use the shopping list to buy the items you need. Take your time to avoid forgetting or including certain items.

Buy cheaper brands…

Downsizing from big brands to own-label alternatives can save you a lot of money. Most of the big brands are similar or relatively superior to regular brands. Therefore, if you are on a tight budget, buy cheaper brands. Even if there is a difference, it only takes a few weeks or months to get used to the new taste or brand. When it comes to buying own-brand products, do not focus solely on food because you can save hundreds of pounds when you buy cheaper brands of washing powders, toiletries, and dishwasher tablets.

Eat less meat…

Consider including more vegan or vegetarian dishes to save money and improve your lifestyle. Buying meat and fish is expensive and if you want to reduce your costs on food, learning how to use less meat in a meal is recommended. You can add stuffing, pastry, Yorkshire puddings, and dhal to reduce meat and make your food nutritious.

Avoid throwing away food…

Most people throw away food, fearing food poisoning. However, if you are looking to save on shopping, invent new ways to avoid wasting food. Some of the hacks you can rely on are:

• Use stale bread to make breadcrumbs or bread and butter pudding

• Overripe or brown bananas can make muffins or banana bread

• Use elderly vegetables to make soup. Alternatively, roast them with garlic and sprinkle some chilli to make a veggie curry

• Use lemon to make lemon juice or cut it into pieces for use in a drink

• freeze herbs like mint or parsley to increase their shelf life

Do not overspend on Christmas…

Celebrating special occasions or festivities with family and friends is great. But, you do not have to spend a lot of money for a day or two. Remember, there is life after the festivities, and you may have to starve or skip meals because you made poor decisions during Christmas! Only buy the items you need to make the holiday season memorable and fun while still on the budget. Take your time to plan and shop for the things you and your family need to avoid the last-minute rush.

Try cheaper supermarkets…

Since price changes daily, comparing prices on the internet helps you save money. You will not only choose a superior brand (based on ratings and reviews from other users) but also save money in the long run. Also, do not be loyal because prices fluctuate between stores. The cheaper the costs, the more you will save. Remember, affordable products does not mean inferior quality and vice versa.

Add up the budget as you shop…

To avoid ‘till shock,’ most supermarkets have introduced fast track systems that not only help you save time but also keep a tally of the amount you have spent so far. It is essential to be updated to avoid paying more than you intended. Strictly follow the shopping lists to avoid surprises. However, discipline, commitment, and responsibility are required, especially if you have kids or other members of the family.

Try Cash and Carry…

Although you need to be a member, run a specific type of business, or work in certain organizations to shop in Cash and Carry, they are an ideal choice. If you have a large family, you can buy food and other items in bulk and at reduced prices. Most products are fresh and branded.

Beware of Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF)

To increase sales, most supermarkets and shopping outlets have many offers, for instance, BOGOF and three for twos. To avoid buying goods you do not need, beware of such offers. However, if the offers are for products you buy regularly, your budget can determine whether you will make an exception or not.

If you have a loyalty card, consider taking some points off to reduce the total cost. Also, avoid buying squeezy bottles because they are more expensive. Instead, go for the glass or other cheaper options. Finally, when shopping for food, check the prices of different products online to have a price estimate. If you have a shopping list, calculate the estimated budget. To avoid inconveniences, carry some extra cash for miscellaneous expenses or in case the prices vary.

Compare Delivery Prices

If you shop online it’s worth comparing delivery prices from each supermarket. For an up to date list we recommend reading: Which Supermarket has the Cheapest Delivery Service?

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