How To Get A Baby On Board Badge from Transport for London

How To Get A Baby On Board Badge from Transport for London

Public transport in London is a great way to travel around quickly, but it’s always crowded and worsens during rush hours. For mums-to-be, it can be dangerous for the mother and the baby.

Most expectant mothers do not look visibly pregnant. This is true for first pregnancies. As such, it’s not always apparent to other people that you’re pregnant, and so they won’t get up to offer you a seat. Thankfully, Transport For London supplies a Baby on Board badge per person.

Want to know what the Transport for London Baby on Board badge is and how to get one?

In this post, we reveal everything about the Transport for London Baby on Board badge.

What is the Transport for London Baby on Board Badge?

The Baby on Board Badge is a free badge supplied by Transport for London in partnership with BABYZEN and Mothercare. Both are the official sponsors of the Baby on Board badge. Mothercare is the number #1 specialist retailer for expectant mothers and babies. BABAZEN is the innovative brand that manufactures the YOYO+ stroller.

Transport for London signed a 3-year sponsorship deal for the Baby on Board badges with BABYZEN and Mothercare. While both companies will be the official sponsors, their brand logos do not appear on the badges. As such, moms can travel in comfort and not as a walking advertisement.

Pregnant women often wear this badge to signify they need some space or seat on public transport. Basically, the badge encourages other passengers to help pregnant women feel more comfortable travelling on public transport.

Mums-to-be can use this badge on all Transport for London services such as:

  • London Underground
  • TFL Rail
  • London Overground
  • Dockland Light railway
  • London Buses
  • Tramlink and River Services

This also includes waiting areas and station platforms. Every year, over 310,000 badges are usually issued.

How Can a Baby on Board Badge Help With Travelling?

The Baby on Board badge is like a coat of arms, making it easy for commuters to recognize that a woman is pregnant and needs a seat. During the first few months of pregnancy, moms-to-be feel awkward to ask a fellow traveller to give up their seat on public transport.

On the other hand, travellers may not notice straight away that a woman is pregnant. This is common, and many people may have been in such a situation where they’re too nervous to ask a woman if she is expectant. This is in fear that they may be wrong and cause offence.

In some cases, travellers will pretend not to notice a pregnant woman to avoid giving up their seat. Commuters argue that the writing on the badge is small. As such, they do not notice an expectant mother wearing it.

The badge helps pregnant women feel more confident when travelling on the London Transport Network. It was first introduced on the London Underground. This is after reports revealed that expectant mothers stood for an average of five stops before getting a seat. In fact, commuters never offered 35% of expectant mothers a seat.

In 2013, the Duchess of Cambridge was famously presented with a Baby on Board badge. This happened on a Royal visit to the London Tube.

Who Is Eligible For a Free Baby on Board Badge?

The Baby on Board badge is often given to pregnant women of all stages travelling by public transport. Transport for London supplies one Baby on Board badge per person. Having a Baby on Board badge makes it easy for moms-to-be to continue having an active lifestyle throughout parenthood. They can do so without worry about travel limitations.

I know of a friend who was reluctant to wear the Baby on Board badge. She said it felt embarrassing pinning the badge on her lapel, telling the world that she was expectant. For her, the badge felt strangely showy. But after a couple of incidents, she changed her mind. She pinned her badge, and on several occasions, commuters offered her a seat even during rush hour.

This shows that the Baby on Board badge is helpful. Its bright and eye-catching design makes it hard to ignore. As more people wear the Baby on Board badge, it will send an important message to people who ignore and fail to give up a seat for expectant mothers.

How Can I Claim a Baby on Board Badge?

To receive your free Baby on Board badge, visit the Transport for London website. Scroll towards the bottom of the webpage, and you’ll find a form. Enter your details:

  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Email Address
  • Address
  • City
  • Postcode

Check to allow TfL and its subsidiaries to send you promotions and offers via email then click “Submit.” Transport for London usually delivers the Baby on Board badge to any address within Greater London and South East England. The badge should arrive at your doorstep in a few days from the day you submitted your application. It comes in a plain envelope.

You can also order your free Baby on Board badge by getting in touch with Transport for London Customer Services on 0343 222 1234. Mums-to-be can also collect their free badge at more than 30 Mothercare stores in and around London.

If you lose your badge, you can order a replacement. Transport for London allows you to order a maximum of two replacement badges over nine months. Baby on Board badges are not for resale, and the issue of replacement badges is discretionary.

Final Thoughts

The Baby on Board badge from Transport for London makes pregnancy visible. This makes it harder for commuters to ignore as it alerts them that they need to offer a seat to an expectant mother. As such, moms-to-be can travel safer and more comfortably. The badge is free, and in case it gets lost, you can request a replacement. Remember, the Baby on Board badge is not for resale.