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How Much Space Does an Inflatable Hot Tub Take Up?

How Much Space Does an Inflatable Hot Tub Take Up?

It’s important to pick an inflatable hot tub that fits into your outdoor space. Consider, for example, how much space you need to comfortably get in and out. There must be unobstructed space around the perimeter for safety reasons.

It’s best to leave around 24’’ (two feet) of space on every side of the tub for clearance, preferably more. It will allow you to move around freely, put the cover on easily and make cleaning less cumbersome.

One of our smallest hot tub models is the Lay-Z Spa Miami. It’s a mere 71’’ in diameter and perfect for those with limited outdoor space. If you apply the clearance rule to this particular tub, you’d need an area that’s just ten feet across.

Generally speaking, there are no safety concerns associated with pushing an inflatable hot tub right up against the wall. The problem is, when you come to clean it, you cannot access all four sides. When filled, hot tubs weigh an average of 1,000lbs. There’s no way you’re moving it.

Do be aware of this when setting yours up. To clean the concealed side, the hot tub would need to be fully drained. It’s much easier (and less stressful) to just leave plenty of space around all four sides.

Wherever you decide to position your inflatable hot tub, make sure the ground is reasonably level. The choice of whether to inflate then move it into position is yours. Hot tubs with grab handles are pretty easy to move when empty.

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