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How Much Money Do You Need to Live in the UK?

How Much Money Do You Need to Live in the UK?

Whether you are going to the UK temporarily or planning on moving altogether, knowing the basics of comfortably living there is an essential proactive prerequisite. However, the concept of a comfortable life differs from person to person and is aligned to individual preferences. If living in a rented studio or flat and still be able to afford quality food and take decent vacations are your idea of comfort, knowing the basics is important. Therefore, how much money do you need to live in the UK? Here are the costs you should know about.

The ideal salary…

Let’s approach this from a simple perspective – and that’s you, as a single person living in the UK. To live comfortably, you need a net monthly salary of £2000 for a comfortable living, totalling £24,000 annually. This amount can comfortably pay your rent, get decent food, and transfer a good amount into your savings. However, this is dependent on the city you want to live in. Glasgow, for instance, ranked as one of the most expensive cities, requires that you earn an annual average salary of £23,255. 84, to afford a comfortable life. On the other hand, areas like Burnley, Rotherham, and Hartlepool are ideal areas to live with a £2000 monthly salary.

Housing costs…

Housing is a huge concern to everyone planning to move to the UK. If you want to move to a bustling but affordable city like London or Manchester, for example, you must understand the cost of housing there. However, proximity to the city centre matters. Living in a single bedroom apartment outside the city centre costs you around £1000 compared to £1600 when near it. The same is true when you want to rent a family home. You will pay close to £3000 when living near the city compared to £1900 when outside.

Miscellaneous expenses…

Let’s build a clear perspective of the cost of living in the UK by comparing Manchester and London cities. Without including the cost of housing, you will spend about £1200 in Manchester compared to £1500 in London. However, you will have to pay more if you have to move with a family of four. Conventionally, £2700 is ideal for a comfortable life in London compared to £2100 in Manchester. As a student, it’s even cheaper because of the discount offers.

The cheapest and expensive cities in UK…

While we’ve focused on the average cost of living in London and Manchester – these being one of the most expensive – there still are other cities that are cheaper to give you a decent living on minimum wage—moving to cities like Edinburgh, Brighton, Newcastle, Nottingham, and Coventry. However, you can try other expensive cities, including Leeds, Glasgow, Leeds, Bristol, Liverpool, and Sheffield.


The idea of living in the UK can be daunting to some people, but it shouldn’t worry you if you have the right financial plan. On average, it costs you £30000 to live in the UK, across all cities, but the cost could be lower if you live in the cheapest towns. Also, the proximity to a city centre dictates the average cost of living in the UK. As you plan on moving to the UK, it’s therefore prudent you check your financial ability to make the right choice of the city you want to live in.

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