Midwives Salary – How Much Does a Midwife Earn UK?

Midwives Salary – How Much Does a Midwife Earn UK?

A midwife is a professional health care worker that helps women with issues regarding childbirth. These professional workers typically help expectant mothers during their pregnancy. They also help them with labour, delivery, and afterbirth care. People who are interested in working this field should know how much they will earn. Knowing this information will help them to make a more informed decision about this position. The information presented here will explain how much midwives earn in the UK.

How much money do midwives earn for their position?

The salary for midwives will vary by certain factors. However, the average annum salary for a midwife is between £35,000 – £40,000. Some midwives will be able to make more, and other midwives will make less. Midwives can work within two distinct types of settings. They can work in a hospital for the NHS, or they can work in the private sector.

Midwives who work in hospitals for the NHS will start off earning between £19,000-£22,000. As they gain more experience within their first year, their pay will increase. Most midwives are paid by the hour. However, there are salaried positions for these workers. While this profession doesn’t pay much in the beginning; a midwife who continues to gain experience will at least double their income within a year.

Midwives who work for private clients can charge whatever fees they desire. Their fees are usually comparable to midwives that work in hospitals. Still, a private midwife can charge more money if they provide more value to their clients. For example, some privately paid midwives double as nannies and/or maids.

There are a few privately paid midwives who live with their clients. They can also receive more money for this service. Midwives that are exceptional workers can charge a higher fee because they provide more value to their clients. Privately paid midwives can earn as much as £60,000 for their services. Any midwife worker that earns over £50,000 is a highly polished worker within this field.

Pay Bands for Midwives

You should also know that midwives are paid in bands or pay ranges. Bands can also be called pay zones. Midwife bands set pay ranges for this profession. However, these ranges can be adjusted or altered by an employer.

Band 5 is the basic starting point for most midwives. This pay range starts at £24,907 but the figure of £19,000 is more realistic. Still, some NHS hospitals use the standard Band 5 payment level.

Band 6 pays between £31,365 to £37,890. Again, this pay rate might be too high for some organizations. However, it is given as a guideline for paying midwives who have progressed to this level.

The band 7 payment zone for midwives is around £38,890 to £44,503. Midwives that have made it to this level of experience are managers and have worked for many years in this position.

Band 8 midwives can make between £51,168 to £73,664. A midwife who is paid at this level is expected to be a highly polished professional and/or a senior manager or supervisor within their field. Again, there are some midwives who can earn close to £100,000 but they are the exception and not the rule.

Hospital and private clients can use the bands as a base means to determine how much they will pay a midwife. Still, hourly rates and salaries can be negotiated. The midwife profession is very flexible because no pregnancy, childbirth, and infant care is the same. Privately paid midwives have been known to charge some clients more money because of their pregnancies were more complicated than others.

Can you earn more as a midwife if you were a nurse before you start?

Yes, you can earn more in this position if you were a nurse before you become a midwife. Normally, it takes 3 years for a person to become a certified midwife. However, you can complete this training within 18 months if you’re already a nurse.

Keep in mind that you can also take a training conversion course to work in this profession. Taking this course is beneficial for some people who have some experience as a midwife but need more instruction. This course normally takes between 18 – 24 months to complete. People who have some previous experience can earn more money in this position as well. There are other rewards for nurses who become midwives.

Nurses who become midwives can keep their current pay. The midwife specialization will allow them to earn more for this type of work. For example, if a nurse was making £50,000 before becoming a midwife, that person will continue to earn £50,000 plus an extra amount for their midwife duties. Many nurses increase their income by specialising in the midwife field. You should also remember that hospitals and medical centres will pay out the higher salaries for nurses with a specialization in the midwife profession.

Midwife Benefits

Midwives can receive numerous benefits for their employment. Employee benefits could include medical, life insurance, health insurance, paid holidays, personal days, sick leave time, retirement options, childcare expense payments, pension contributions, and tuition assistance or reimbursement. Remember, midwives must attend training every 3 years and having tuition or reimbursement assistance is a huge money saving benefit. Midwife benefits will help midwives to save more of the money they earned.

A Final Word about Midwife Earnings

The midwife field is not a high paying job, but workers will increase their income over time. Hourly workers can earn overtime and receive more pay. Some midwives will work two jobs or take on a bunch of clients on the side. This of course will improve their income. The key to earning more within this field is to work in a high paying NHS hospital or to become a highly competent private worker. Once you’re positioned in one of these two areas, you will be able to command more money for your work.