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How Vinted Makes Money: The Business Model Revealed

How does Vinted Make Money

How Vinted Makes Money: The Business Model Revealed

If you’re ever wondered how Vinted makes money, wonder no more!

In this blog post, we will take a look at the business model behind this online marketplace.

How does Vinted Make Money?

Vinted makes money from two main sources. First, it charges a commission on sales. When someone buys an item from the platform, Vinted takes a cut of the proceeds.

This is how most online marketplaces make money, and it gives Vinted a reliable source of revenue to keep the business running.

Second, Vinted makes money from advertising. Users can pay for promoted posts, which gives their product more visibility on the platform. This helps to drive sales and revenue for Vinted.

In addition, Vinted also offers premium subscription plans that give users access to special services, such as account customization and priority customer service. These subscriptions also provide a steady stream of income for the company.


Vinted makes money from two main sources: commissions on sales and advertising revenue. By leveraging these two sources, it has been able to grow into a successful online marketplace that is popular with buyers and sellers alike.

With its business model in place, Vinted has a bright future ahead!

Thanks for reading this blog post. We hope that it helped to shed some light on how Vinted makes money and its business model.

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