Home Schooling UK – What are the Benefits of Home Schooling?

Home Schooling UK – What are the Benefits of Home Schooling?

Home schooling is making it possible for more and more kids to learn at home.

Learning at home has enabled families to enjoy the flexibility, freedom, better and parents-kids bonding opportunities that home schooling comes with.

It’s a highly personalised form of learning where your kids follow an education schedule that works for the entire family.

If you’re ready to learn about the benefits of home schooling, let’s get started.

The General Benefits of Home schooling

Academic flexibility – You can effortlessly respond to your kids’ academic gifts, strengths, and weaknesses with home schooling.

Plan-flexible – As a parent, you can choose the pace and approach your kids will follow when learning.

Community engagement – Your family will have time to engage in volunteering, and community activities.

More efficient learning – The kids have a better chance to interact with you as their instructor.

Respond to the current needs of your kids – With home-schooling, you can evaluate the current emotional, behavioural, mental and physical needs and respond to them immediately.

Better learning environment – Your kids are more likely to be comfortable learning in a warm family environment.

Available time for more activities – Your kids have time to do real experiments, tackle some projects and enjoy the outdoors more.

Make the most out of the learning – Schools tend to lean more on the teach-to-test principle. With home schooling, your kids will have more engaging and meaningful learning.

Hassle-free to get to college – Home schooling is a stress-free way to get a great transcript for college.

Attending to special situations – If your family has a challenging work schedule, an uncommon illness to deal with, or frequent travel needs, home schooling may be your best bet. Military families can also benefit significantly from this form of schooling.

Legal compliance – Most areas have compliance attendance laws, and home schooling may be one of the ways you can comply with them.

Academic Benefits of Home schooling

Personalised learning – You can customise the learning strategy to fit the capabilities of each of your kids. It’s easier to design the learning for gifted children, those who are behind, or any kid with special needs.

You choose what works – There’s no need for kids to go through a system that barely helps them. With home schooling, you can choose a personalised curriculum that not only works for the kids but the entire family. What’s more, you can give them the chance to set their graduation requirements, then work towards achieving them.

Diversified learning that is highly effective – Your kids will not be limited to one learning approach- you can choose what they’ll learn at any particular time. Essentially, you become an expert of your kids’ needs. Home schooling offers an opportunity for interest-led learning, strength-based learning and inquiry-based learning, all which lead to better development of your kids.

Improved learning approach – Instead of following a schedule that may not work for your kids at school, home schooling offers a chance to set a personalised strategy. As a parent, you can apply what you know about child development to nurture your children. Your kids will continually take in knowledge even when there’s a lag in skills development when home schooling. Lastly, they’ll not have to do tests based on minimum standards- not at least when they’re in their high school years.

Easier to improve life skills – With home schooling, you’ll spend most of the time in the household, meaning you’ll have time to learn life skills such as cooking, budgeting, etc.

Better achievement of goals – A home school schedule will enable your teen to better engage in their interests/passions. The home environment will accommodate even high-intensity training needed to achieve the goals.

An easy college transition – Your kids must not go through an exhausting process to get into college. Home schooled students always stand out in college since they have better opportunities to follow their interests.

Prior preparation for work/ business – If your teens want to go directly to work, they can focus on vocational training. Similarly, if their interest is in business, they have an opportunity of gaining entrepreneurial experience.

Benefits of Home schooling beyond Academics

This may surprise you, but yes, home schooling has benefits beyond books. Have you thought of the following as benefits your family may enjoy by doing home schooling?

• Mental health benefits

• Social development benefits

• Physical health benefits

• Special family situations benefits

• Gains for parents

If your answer is no, worry not. You’re about to discover what each of these benefits covers.

Mental Health Benefits of Home schooling

Better focus on mental and emotional wellbeing – If your kids struggle with mental and emotional issues such as anxiety or depression, home schooling can help boost their mental health. As a parent, you have a chance to focus on their medical care as well as therapy, factors that will speed up the recovery process.

Cultivates kid’s autonomy – Home schooling helps kids make their own choices and develop a strong intrinsic motivation.

Kids are surrounded by caring people – In the family setting, there’s that love and warmth that will significantly improve your kids’ mental well-being.

Get your child out of a bad situation – Sometimes, the school environment may be the cause of your kids’ mental issues, so homeschooling can come in as a superb solution for this. There are no bullies or any form of school-induced stress at home, meaning the environment will be great for your child to learn.

Social Benefits of Home schooling

Close family bonds – Your kids will be most comfortable around other family members, and it’ll be a better chance for them to feel the love. Even better, they’ll have good role models around to emulate.

Reduced peer pressure – There’s no exposure to drugs, sexual immorality and bad company at home.

Kids feel secure – Home is where your kids get the best attention, so they’ll always feel secure.

Reduced stigma for kids – At home, there is no discrimination. Both sensitive boys and strong girls will feel accepted, reducing stigma.

Community participation – With home schooling comes a chance to volunteer or just engage in some helpful activities in the community.

Physical Health Benefits of Home schooling

Focuses on being active – Your kids will have a good deal of outdoor time to play, connect with nature and remain physically fit.

Improves sleep – Home schooling enables your kids to get more and quality sleep at any time throughout the day. For the case of twins, it’s easy to adjust the schedule to their changing sleeping patterns.

Faster healing from illnesses – The reduction of strenuous activities and stress factors can help an ailing kid recover faster.

Benefits of Home schooling for Special Life Situations

Military families – You don’t have to keep changing schools when your work calls for frequent relocations. Home schooling is the perfect solution for your family.

Dealing with grief – When there’s a painful situation in the family, home schooling will allow you to heal together and make the grief pass naturally.

Compatible with unique lifestyles – If you work night shifts, lead a travelling life, or have any other unique schedule, home schooling will give you the freedom to choose what works for you.

Ailing family member – If one of the family members needs special medical attention, it makes sense to have kids around.

Benefits of Home schooling for Parents

Wondering how you can benefit from home schooling as a parent? Read below to discover how.

Learn alongside your child – With home schooling, you have a chance to learn something new or brush up on one of your skills alongside your child. From mastering algebra, learning a new language, to having a refresher of the maps of the world, there’s a lot you can take in. You can even take it outdoors by visiting a museum or accompanying your kids for a field trip.

Bond with your kids – If you have hobbies, interests, or even stories to share with your kids, this is a perfect chance to do so and improve your relationship. You can also engage in fun activities with your kids- go for a hike, play music together, analyse a political event, etc.

Money-saving – This is one of the major benefits of home schooling. You cut on all the money you are spending on school expenses. There’s no paying tuition, school fees, travel rates, or buying school clothes with home schooling. But note that home schooling has its own expenses, so you still need to have a plan that matches your budget.

Fewer duties – With home schooling, you don’t need to time the school bus to pick up your kids, among other duties. As mentioned above, home schooling is not responsibilities-free, and you still need a plan. You can do home schooling at night, have a weekly or yearly schedule-whatever works for your family.

Chance for personal growth – A home school will revolutionise how you view your kids’ education. You’re expected to immerse yourself in what your kids do and take responsibility for what they learn. This can, in turn, help you appreciate the value and challenges of nurturing your kids.

Wrapping Up

There you have it. Now you know what home schooling can offer to your kids and you as a parent. But before you make the final decision of implementing it, here are some things you should know:

• Kids respond differently to home schooling, so it’s not guaranteed that it’ll be a perfect fit for your case. But you’ll never know before you try it. Just introduce home schooling to your kids and see what the outcome will be.

• Poor home schooling is possible. If you fail to plan about how you’ll home school, it can turn out to be impractical.

• You can always quit home schooling if it doesn’t work for your family.

• So many people worldwide are enjoying the benefits of home schooling, and you can, too, if you do it the right way.