Holly H Net Worth – How Much is Holly H Worth?

Holly H Net Worth – How Much is Holly H Worth?

Holly H is a great entertainer and an unrivalled personality when it comes to Vine and Tik Tok videos. She has gained popularity over the years as a superb ‘Viner’ and ‘Muser’.

If you have been following Holly on these platforms, let us catch up with the latest information about her bio and net worth.

Who is Holly H?

Holly Hulbert is a bubbly TikTok star from Guernsey who is best known for her impressive lip-synch videos. This social media star was born on 17th October 1996 and is the firstborn child of Jody and Steve. Holly currently lives in London and is a Citizen of England. Holly has a sister Megan Horne and a brother named Phoenix Horne.

Education-wise, Holly is a graduate of Guernsey Grammar and School and Sixth Form Centre. She went to the University of Greenwich, despite being accepted on application to University of Arts London too.

Holly H kick-started her social media career on Vine and was gaining millions of views and followers when it was closed. She has over 16 million followers on TikTok, formerly musical.ly and a huge following on her other social accounts. She also runs a self-named YouTube channel where she is currently doing so well.

Holly H is generally a beautiful lady with light brown coloured eyes, dark brown hair and a slim figure. She stuns both on camera and in real life, a reason why she has been able to garner so many followers. She has managed to build not only a genuine audience but also a good stream of income from the following.

Currently, Holly H is focusing on her career and considering her young age; she has not dived into dating life properly. Since Holly H doesn’t reveal her personal life, we don’t know anything about her past relationships or her love life in general.

Facts about Holly H…

  • Her zodiac sign is Libra
  • She loves croissants
  • She loves eating sweets
  • She prefers artificial fur to natural fur
  • Music is dear to her and she can play piano and perform acrobatics

What Does Holly H Do?

As mentioned above, Holly H started as a ‘Viner’ in 2015 but is currently a serious Tiktoker with over 16million followers on her account. She is among the top TikTok users with the most followers in the UK. Probably, Kyle Thomas is the only TikTok user above her in terms of followers.

On Tiktok, Holly posts comics as well as serious content but is famous for lip-syncs and dance videos. One of her most famous TikToks is the one she dances on the beach to a song by Lil Dicky called ‘Save Dat Money’.

Through her popularity, she has done amazing projects with other online superstars. In 2018, she and Toireasa MC Guire created a film for the BBC. These two made an awe-inspiring lip-synch performance.

Holly H also has interest in acting and modelling. In 2018 she featured in a TV series called ‘High School Reunion’, for a brief role. Holly also took part in a professional photoshoot by Image 1st, one of the UK’s leading photoshoot organizers. You can check out the vlog on the photoshoot on her YouTube channel.

Holly H has a YouTube channel (joined on 8th August 2015) on which she posts vine compilations, pranks, challenges, vlogs, Storytime’s, make-up tutorials, etc. The YouTube channel is 352K subscribers with only 62 videos and less than 6 years of existence. Her content on YouTube is not frequent, but she brings out high-quality and worthy to watch content when she posts.

Her Instagram has tons of breath-taking photos and has attracted over 1.5M followers. Her royal audience showed their real support by nominating her name for the ‘Teen Choice Award’ 2018 for the ‘Choice Muser’.

Holly H also sells merchandise from time to time.

How Much Does Holly H Make on TikTok?

Holly H earns around £5,000 for a 15 seconds sponsored post on her TikTok account. With her 16.4million followers on the platform, brands easily trust her and she is always sponsoring an entity.

According to estimates, she is currently the highest-earning TikToker in the UK.

What is Holly H Net Worth?

As of 2021, Holly H’s net worth was estimated to be £2 million.