Guide to How Aldi’s Click & Collect works in the UK

Guide to How Aldi’s Click & Collect works in the UK…

What is Aldi’s Click & Collect?

Click & Collect is an online grocery shopping platform from Aldi that makes it possible for shoppers to get what they want without visiting Aldi stores in person. This online service is focused on providing a hassle-free online shopping experience where customers can order fruits and veggies online and have them delivered outside their preferred store, contact-free.

After ordering, customers can also choose to cancel their orders if they wish to. It is possible for the shoppers to cancel all orders up until 11:59 pm the night before collection from their accounts. If, however, one decides to cancel their order before collection, they will be required to contact customer support. For both cases, you will not be charged at all for canceling your order.

How does Aldi’s Click & Collect work?

To use the Click and Collect service from Aldi, you will have to create an account first, after which you can shop by following the steps outlined below:

  1. Once logged in, all you have to do is select your preferred collection store and the time slot. Keep in mind that the collection slot prices do vary depending on the store as well as the day.
  2. Next, you can browse the list of available products and make your selection. Aldi assures its customers that their pickers are trained to get the freshest products for your order.
  3. Once you have filled your cart as per your preferences, you can go ahead to confirm the order. You will then receive an email of confirmation and/or a reminder text on the day of collection.
  4. When the day to collect your order comes, just head to the collection store and be guided on where to park so that your order can be brought out to you.

How do you pick your groceries using Aldi’s Click & Collect?

To pick your groceries order, all that you have to do is head to your selected collection store. Once there, you will be directed to where to park. For confirmation purposes, you will be required to reply with your full name and collection point number to an SMS that Aldi will send to you. Alternatively, you will receive a set of instructions at the collection point after which your order will be delivered to the point.

How much are Aldi’s Click & Collect slots?

Currently, you will have to pay £4.99 for each Click & Collect slot that you would like to use. Of this total, £4.59 will be directed towards pick and pack costs. The rest will cover the cost of the bags that will be used to pack your order. Keep in mind that your order can be as big or small depending on your preferences, but you won’t be charged based on the order size.

Are the Click & Collect prices the same as in-store?

The prices on the Click & Collect platform are the same as the in-store prices. The main purpose of the Click & Collect online shopping option is to save your time and eliminate the need to visit the store in person as you shop.

Do you have to pay for bags?

Your groceries will be bagged in compostable tray liners, at a constant price of 40p, which is included in the slot fee. If you want to, you can always return the liners to the store, and the staff there will recycle them for you.