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You can stay in a Hagrid Themed Ground keepers Cottage in Yorkshire!

Groundkeeper Cottage

You can stay in a Hagrid Themed Ground keepers Cottage in Yorkshire!

For Harry Potter fans, the big screen is not the only place where you can experience the magical world of wizardry. There are hundreds of destinations out there filled with fun and magic that you would expect in and around Hogwarts.

One of those destinations is North Shire farm. Set on 6 acres of farmland amongst the most beautiful old English countryside, North Shire is the idyllic spot for a vacation. So whether you’re looking for a unique family holiday or a magical long weekend, North Shire has something suitable for you.

The farm is an hour and a half’s drive away from the city of York. Although it’s very remote, it’s the perfect getaway for families or with friends.

North Shire Magical Accommodation…

For Harry Potter fans, North Shire has something special for you – the Grounds Keepers Cottage. Built by Karl and Carol in 2019, the replica of Hagrid’s Hut is one of the magical accommodations on the farm. Others include a Storybook Cottage from the Chronicles of Narnia and a Hobbit Hole based on Lord of the Rings.

The Hagrid inspired groundkeeper’s cottage has three interlocking circular rooms. The windows have stained glass inspired by the gothic demeanour from your favourite wizarding world.

This family-oriented cottage can sleep up to 6 – 2 adults and 4 kids or 4 adults and 2 kids. Bedroom one has a single, double bed and a two-child bunk while bedroom two has a pull out double sofa bed.

The ground’s keeper’s cottage has a huge kitchen that includes a toaster, fridge, combi oven and a kettle. All utensils are also provided. As such, you can prepare all types of dishes.

In the main hut, you’ll notice that Hagrid’s Hut obviously inspires the ceiling. There are lots of random items hanging from it – from pots to pans. A strong rope holds all these items together.

The ceiling also has coloured lights which illuminate a purple glow. However, there is a remote you can use to change the colours of the light from the comfort of the sofa.

After a long day exploring nature and the beautiful countryside, you can take a bath in the gorgeous tiled bathroom. It has an amazing copper bath, shower, toilet sink and dark green tiles like those from the Ministry of Magic in Harry Potter films.

There are big squishy sofas, extra blankets, and book-related cushions in the huge lounge for a comfortable game or movie night. Under the mantlepiece, there is a fire. While it’s fake, it flickers, giving the illusion of a real one. This makes the room feel warm and welcoming.

The amazing detail inside and outside the Hagrid’s inspired cottage tells you that a lot of love went into building it. Since the cottage is a haven for Harry Potter fans, Karl and Carol provide Harry Potter games and films. You can find Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit, Harry Potter Checkers and even all 8 Harry Potter films on DVD.

How to Book the Ground Keepers Cottage…

To book the Ground Keepers Cottage, head to the North Shire website. Then, click ‘Book Now’ on the top right corner of the page. The site will redirect you to another webpage with a calendar widget.

Choose any green boxes beside the Ground Keepers Cottage name. A pop-up window will appear. Select the number of days you’ll be staying at the cottage, then the number of adults, children and infants, if any, from the drop-down menus. The window will display the total price for your stay. Click Book Now and proceed to complete the transaction.

For two nights, prices start from £495.

Final Thoughts

Staycations in the UK are more popular than ever. This is because many people are keen to avoid travelling abroad due to international COVID travel restrictions. If you feel uneasy travelling outside the country, head over to the North Shire farm. You can book the Hagrid inspired cottage for a weekend or more extended stay as you explore the English countryside.

Book the Ground Keepers Cottage today!

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