Get Paid to be a Virtual Friend – 6 High Paying Websites

Get Paid to be a Virtual Friend – 6 High Paying Websites

No matter how weird or strange it sounds, you can actually be paid for being someone’s friend online. Today, people are spending most of their time online and it makes sense to look for a mutual attachment in the same space. Being an online companion is one of the most enjoyable things you can do in this digital era and get paid.

Generally, no experience is required to become a virtual friend meaning that it’s an earning opportunity for anyone. Interacting with people online is no different from what you do physically- you just need to replicate all the courtship personal attributes you use to the online space.

Looking for an alternative way to earn money? Get ready to learn how you can get paid to be a virtual friend.

What is a virtual friend?

A virtual friend is someone who interacts and connects with people online. Communicating with people is one of the great ways you can use the time you spend online.

When you become a virtual friend, people looking for companionship and related services online can hire you and pay you for the time you spend interacting with them.

As mentioned above, the time we spend online is increasing, making online friendships as feasible as physical ones. What’s more, people are nowadays preoccupied with so many things and perhaps the time they spend online is the most appropriate to interact with a friend.

It’s not just about the digital revolution that’s forcing people to look for online friends. A majority of them are generally lonely but lack the confidence to approach friends physically.

A good proportion of people seeking these services are introverted and hence find the online space the best way to form a friendship without really having to encounter someone.

It’s not a wonder to also find people looking to learn a new skill such as a particular language. For this reason, it’s always advisable to have something extra you can offer apart from just being a friend.

Lastly, there may be people entirely new to courtship. For this case, the main aim of finding friends online is to learn what it takes to form a friendship with someone successfully.

These reasons explain why the demand for virtual friends is on the rise.

Qualities of a good virtual friend

Although there’re no specific skills needed to be a virtual friend, the job is highly advisable for someone who’s outgoing and naturally sociable. Someone who’s understanding and a good listener is also highly suitable for this job.

It would not hurt to have an extra skill such as knowledge of a specific language that you can offer along with friendship. Please note that an additional skill is just a bonus but not an essential to be an online friend.

How safe is it to be a virtual friend?

Being a virtual friend is generally safe as most of the sites that act as intermediaries in the process have privacy policies to protect both parties. Even with this, you need to always take precaution as most of the information that’ll get to the other person will come from you.

Avoid giving out your confidential information and sharing your address. Always keep in mind that people you meet online are strangers, and seeking the friendship service does not change this.

Before you decide to become an online friend, research to know who you’re dealing with and what is needed of you.

What are your roles as a virtual friend?

As a virtual friend, you’ll be expected to do just what you do when hanging out with friends physically. People looking for an online friend may want to play an online game with you, enjoy a movie together as you discuss it, or simply chat and have audio/video calls.

The expectations vary from one customer to another, so you should be as flexible and accommodating as possible. You’ll get one person who wants to play a game and keep it all fun one booking and another one looking for emotional support the next booking.

How much money can you make as a virtual friend?

The minimum most online friends earn is £7.05 per hour. The good thing is, most sites allow you to set your own rate. You can start small but increase your rate as you get experienced interacting with people.

The hours you work will also determine the money you’ll make out of this online hustle. The more you are committed and create time to interact with customers, the more you’ll earn.

Some sites charge a joining or membership fee. Others may also take a percentage of your earnings as commission fee. All in all, working as a virtual friend pays well when you put in the commitment and the will to interact with people.

The process of becoming an online friend…

Now that you understand what an online friend is and what is expected in the occupation, how exactly can you become one and get paid? Here are the steps to follow:

Pick a good ‘rent a friend’ site – This is a trial and error step where you may need to test various sites to see the one that works for you.

Create your account and profile – This is a crucial step since it’s what will make the first impression of your offer. A good profile should indicate your hobbies, interests and the unique skills you’ll offer, such as knowledge of a specific language. Everything about your personality should reflect on your account’s profile.

Complete the quizzes or tests – Most of these are personality-related and are meant to bring out clearly what you can offer to the site’s users.

Add your payment details – Input the details of the payment method you use currently where your earnings will be deposited.

Create your listing – Some sites simplify things and you only need to search through the offers to see the one that suits you best. If otherwise, you need to create a listing showing what you offer and the rates you can work with. Interested people will contact you if they want to rent your services.

Wait to be picked for bookings – Once everything’s set up, wait to be contacted. On getting the messages, you need to fulfil the bookings to get paid.

Best sites to find work as a virtual friend…

1. Rent A Cyber Friend

Rent A Cyber Friend is more of a modernized and highly refined Pen Pal. Users here look for people they can chat with, learn a new language from or share a hobby with. As you create your profile, you’ll be required to fill in information such as your language, hobbies and interests so that it easy for the platform to pick gigs most appropriate for you.

You can still choose the services to offer, including discussing sports, tourism, fitness, teaching a new language, being a gaming partner, or simply providing emotional support.

The registration process on Rent A Cyber Friend is straightforward and you can set your own hourly rate.

2. Rent A Friend

Rent A Friend is a global site with highly refined features to enable the effective exchange of virtual friendship services. If you’re a virtual friend on this site, you’re allowed to offer services such as Zoom, FaceTime, Pen Pals, calling and texting.

You can choose only to offer virtual friendship services or couple it with physical meet-ups, which are also allowed on the site. Leverage the freedom given here to go to movies, restaurants or share a hobby physically with the people you’ve been interacting with online.

People looking for these services pay a membership fee to search for potential friends on the site. Once they are impressed by a person offering the services, both parties agree to the hourly rate and what each party is expected to do.

No membership fee is required for a virtual friend looking to offer various relevant services. This means that you get all the money you earn from the platform.

3. Friend PC

Friend PC is exclusively a virtual site that only allows online companionship services. This site is flooded with people looking for emotional support, confidence building and someone to give a listening ear. Once in a while, you’ll find a person looking for an opponent in an online game.

If you’re good at coaching, nursing and psychology, this should be your to-go-for site. With these skills, you can focus on specific sections such as the ‘virtual life coach’ or the ‘virtual gaming buddy’ to offer services in what you’re good at.

You just need to sign up, set your rates and offer the services you’re good at. Interested users will book you as their friend and the payment will be made after the booking has been completed. A small percentage of the earning for each booking is charged as commission fee.

4. Rent A Local Friend

Rent a Local Friend allows you to offer virtual friendship services as well request for local meet-ups. The site is preferred by people travelling to new places as they get to learn about various local areas. If you have some knowledge, you can share about your local area; this is the site to advertise your services on.

5. Fiverr Friendship

Fiverr is popularly known as a marketplace where you can buy or sell freelance services online. Despite Fiverr not being tailored for exclusively posting virtual friendship jobs/ services, there’s a Fiverr Friendship section that you can use to advertise your services.

To use the feature, sign up and create your advert featuring the services you offer as an online friend. Be clear on your offering as well as the rate range you expect to work with.

Many people who visit Fiverr expect to find very good deals starting from £3.52. For this reason, you need to price yourself competitively but of course, for what you deserve.

6. Freelancer

Freelancer is a community of people looking for jobs online. In this regard, you can use Freelancer to advertise your virtual friend services online. If you’re lucky, you’ll a direct client looking for virtual friendship services.

You can also go through the job postings available and apply for the ones that are advertising for virtual companions.

Factors to consider before becoming a virtual friend

To know if you can be a good virtual friend, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I sociable?
  • Am I non-judgmental?
  • Am I a good listener?
  • Am I comfortable making new friends or interacting with new people?
  • Can I offer specific benefits such as training language skills or local language?

If the answer to these questions is ‘Yes, then you are more than fit for the job. However, even if you lack some of these attributes, you can still work on them as you interact with people online.

In addition to these aspects, you need to clearly understand what you’re comfortable doing. For example, you need to evaluate if you enjoy video/ audio calling or messaging people online. These minor details are what will determine the earning you’ll get with this job.

In a nutshell, you’re suitable for this job if you can offer a good deal of what people are looking for in a friend online. Most of the times, it’s the attention you offer that’ll matter for people looking for a virtual friend.

Please keep in mind that most of the sites you’ll work with in this occupation do not allow physical contact. For this reason, you should maintain things in the friendship scope with everyone you deal with to keep your job.

Don’t forget to keep your privacy as you’re responsible for deciding on the amount of personal information you’ll disclose.

Final Thoughts…

We’re living in an era where people are looking for companionship absolutely anywhere, including in the online space. Being an online companion is easy, rewarding and most importantly, you’ll get a chance to impact someone’s life. At least with this occupation, you’ll make most of the time you spend online very fruitful.

If you’re a sociable person with some free time each day, you can sign up to be an online friend with one of the reputable sites discussed above. Keep in mind that money is not your only reward when you become a virtual friend; hanging out online is fun and you may also get emotional support from people you’re interacting with.

It might sound unusual but being a virtual friend is a paying and highly beneficial side hustle!