Get Paid £3500 to be infected with Coronavirus for a Medical Trial…

The UK Government have set aside a massive budget to combat the CORVID-19 virus and they have just upped their budget by another £46 MILLION!

So what does that mean for us, regular folks? Well, in order to test if these vaccines work they need test subjects and this is where you can cash in!

Medicine studies have been going on for decades and Clinical Trials have always been a thing for developing safe and successful treatments for various ailments and this time it’s the Corona Virus that’s making the rounds.

The company HVIVO will be tested against 24 selected patients who have all received two WEAK strains of the virus. These two weakened strains are called 0C43 and 229E but they are still classified as being the CORVID-19 Corona Virus.

The participants will be injected with the strains, isolated for two weeks, be fed a strictly controlled diet and will not be allowed buy generic cialis online safely to have contact with any human being or exercise for the duration of the trial. The compensation can be up to a massive £3,500 for participants, but it could be around £836 on the low end. Still, either amount isn’t to be sniffed at!

The study will have doctors, nurses and researchers all on hand to monitor and provide treatments to ensure the safety of all the participants so there will be no need to worry at any point during the study.

All the staff involved will be in-complete head to toe PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) that includes protective clothing and ventilators meaning the study will be conducted in a completely isolated environment.

This trial is expected to launch by the end of April and anyone interested can check the website for details of when recruitment starts.