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Get a McDonalds Big Mac or Veggie Deluxe and Fries for £1.99!

Get a McDonalds Big Mac or Veggie Deluxe and Fries for £1.99!

The Golden Arches are a welcome sight for many people. Whether you’re on the road looking for a pit stop, out for lunch during work or having a cheeky burger after a night out, McDonalds is a household name that has been a staple part of our culture for decades.

But did you know you can score yourself the most iconic sandwich on the menu for as little as £1.99? The usual menu price of around £4.00 for the sandwich and fries, so essentially getting this deal for close to half price? Now THAT is a deal!

How to get a McDonalds Meal for £1.99…

There is literally only one step you have to do before you are able to claim this offer. You need to have a McDonalds receipt with the “Tell us how we did” question. Once you have that receipt you can start grabbing this great deal every time you visit McDonalds.

The cheapest item on the McDonalds menu is currently a plain Mini McFlurry at about 60p, but if you’re familiar with the concept of “Wombling” that is also an option for you to get your hands on a receipt. The reason this receipt offer is better than other similar promotional deals is that those offers are printed in News papers, on the back of bus tickets or are in limited supply so this method can give you a perpetual cycle of the same great deal every time you grab it!

So now you have the basics, we’re going to give you a step by step guide on exactly how you can swipe this saving for yourself!

1) Get a McDonalds receipt from an initial purchase. You will notice on the top of the receipt there is a “Tell us how we did” section at the very top of the receipt just underneath the order number. Your UNIQUE code will be 12 letters and numbers that will look something like this HQLL-7V1O-GSXX. These codes are uniquely created upon every purchase so simply typing in a random 12 digit code is not likely to work.

2) Head to the website address provided go through the quick questionnaire. Don’t worry, it will take you less than two minutes to complete and it’s only a couple of questions.

 3) Once you have the completed the survey, you will be rewarded with another UNIQUE 5 digit code that will entitle you to a Big Mac and Medium Fries for just £1.99! It’s as simple as that!


I have an old McDonald’s Receipt can I use that?…

Potentially, the receipts do have an expiration life of the 12 digit code so it’s best to use a fresh receipt to avoid any disappointment.

Does the deal code expire?…

No, the reward code for the £1.99 offer will NOT expire. Just write it down on the section provided and you can keep it in your wallet or purse until you need it.

I don’t want a Big Mac, is there any alternative available?…

YES! Absolutely, McDonalds have indeed stated that should you be a vegetarian, you can ask for a Fillet O’ Fish OR a Veggie Deluxe instead. Obviously, the price difference in the sandwiches is a small amount, but you are saving money overall, regardless of what item you select.

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