Gallerist – Earn Money for Selling Photos taken on your Smartphone

Gallerist – Earn Money for Selling Photos taken on your Smartphone

Do you enjoying taking photos and want to sell them for cash? Gallerist is a photo app that allows photographers to sell their unique and original pieces to willing buyers. On Gallerist, you’re only required to upload your photos, graphic art or illustrations and set the price to earn extra money.

This guide will discuss how Gallerist works and how it can earn extra income from your photography or artwork.

How to use Gallerist

You first need to download Gallerist app, which is available for both Android and iOS.

 The next step is to sign-up on the Gallerist app. You can do this by creating an account using your email address and password. Alternatively, you can sign in with Twitter, Google+ or Facebook.

 Before proceeding, you’ll be required to verify your email account.

 After verification, you’re free to use the app to sell or buy photos.

 If you’re a buyer, browse to see what is available on sale or even search for specific details to filter.

 If you’re a seller, create a gallery and upload your photos and make them public when you’re ready. Set the price and wait to earn extra money.

Why use Gallerist?

Gallerist provides you with an opportunity to meet and interact with people who are as passionate about photography and artwork as you. It allows buyers to buy unique and original pieces from their owners and choose from a wide variety. Gallerist provides the buyer with a wide audience and potential customers, unlike when selling on their own websites or other platforms.

Who can use Gallerist?

Anyone can use Gallerist whether you’re a buyer, seller or both. You have the option to choose either when signing-up. If you’re looking to earn extra money from your photos or artwork, Gallerist is your ideal market. Gallerist is also perfect for those looking to buy original and unique images since there’re numerous in this app.

What types of photos sell best on Gallerist?

You need to diversify your collection to cater to what customers are looking for. Get creative to create original and unique pictures and you’ll witness great purchases. The types of photos that sell the best include:


If you’re a fan of travel photoshoots, capture photographs showing landscape, landmarks and local foods. People in the tourism industry are always looking for such.

Nature and animal…

These are the most versatile picture you can sell. Capture mountains, flowers, plants, domestic and wild animals.


Capture kids and adults from different countries and cultures, especially when carrying out culturally related activities.


These are very popular in businesses. Take pictures of people working on paperwork, laptops or machinery or even during meetings.

Tips for creating original work…

  • Consider lighting to portray different moods for the same photo.
  • Research on photo stock that interests you and working on such.
  • Always create your original photos and don’t attempt to replicate what you’ve seen others doing.
  • Get creative and think outside the box and come up with unique ideas.

Final Thoughts…

Having multiple income streams for your photography work is essential to ensure you’re getting enough compensation for your work. Selling your photos on Gallerist is a perfect way to generate passive income and you get to complement your earning. At Gallerist, you’re able to reach a wider audience and consequently make a good sale. Download the Gallerist app and get started!