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Fruit Picking Jobs: How to Find Fruit Picking Jobs in the UK

fruit picking jobs

Make Money with Fruit Picking Jobs in the UK

Are you ready to embark on an exciting adventure while earning money and gaining valuable experience?

Fruit picking jobs UK are calling your name! Enjoy the great outdoors, work on scenic farms, and make new friends along the way.

Let’s dive in and discover the world of fruit picking jobs UK today!

Fruit Picking Jobs in the UK

Fruit picking jobs in the UK offer a fantastic opportunity for individuals to earn money while gaining hands-on experience in the agricultural sector.

These seasonal jobs involve harvesting fruit from farms, making it a rewarding experience for those who love the outdoors and don’t mind a bit of hard work.

Before you embark on your fruit picking adventure, it’s essential to understand the job requirements and the benefits you can expect.

From competitive pay rates to personal growth and the satisfaction of contributing to the nation’s food supply, fruit picking jobs in the UK have a lot to offer.

Job Requirements:

To become a fruit picker in the UK, you must be at least 18 years old and able to prove your right to work.

Don’t worry if you lack previous experience, as farms provide all the necessary training to help you succeed in your new role.

Keep in mind that fruit picking is physically demanding work. You’ll need to be fit, have a valid work permit, and be prepared to work outdoors in all weather conditions.

This job is perfect for those who enjoy an active lifestyle and are ready to take on a challenge.

Benefits of Fruit Picking Jobs:

One of the main attractions of fruit picking jobs is the opportunity to work outdoors and breathe in the fresh air.

Not only will you enjoy the stunning UK countryside, but you’ll also be making money in the process.

Fruit picking jobs in the UK offer competitive pay rates, generous overtime pay, and rewarding productivity bonuses.

With the possibility of earning well above the national living wage, fruit picking jobs are an excellent choice for those seeking a fulfilling seasonal job.

fruit picking jobs

Top UK Farms Hiring Seasonal Workers

As you set out on your fruit picking journey, it’s important to know which UK farms are hiring seasonal workers.

Three of the top farms offering fruit picking jobs are Hall Hunter, Hugh Lowe Farms, and Clock House Farm.

Each farm boasts different job opportunities and pay rates, so it’s worth exploring your options to find the perfect fit for you.

Hall Hunter:

At Hall Hunter, you’ll find mouth-watering strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries just waiting to be picked.

This farm is renowned for its fun and rewarding work environment, making it an ideal choice for those looking to enjoy their seasonal work experience.

In 2022, Hall Hunter pickers earned an average of £512 each week.

It was an impressive salary for the time. If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and take on the challenge, Hall Hunter offers an excellent opportunity to earn a substantial income during the fruit picking season.

Hugh Lowe Farms:

Hugh Lowe Farms is another fantastic option for fruit pickers in the UK.

With an extended picking season ranging from April until November, this farm offers the chance to harvest strawberries and raspberries over a longer period.

You’ll need to be fit and healthy to work at Hugh Lowe Farms, as the manual work involves lifting, bending, and twisting while searching for fruit or nurturing the plants.

However, the potential earnings are well worth the effort. Excellent harvest workers can earn a hefty £400 per week, often more, with most people earning significantly more than the living wage.

Clock House Farm:

Located in the picturesque UK countryside, Clock House Farm is an amazing place to work.

They are actively seeking dependable and driven individuals ready to take on the challenge of fruit picking.

Clock House Farm offers an inviting and welcoming work schedule, allowing you to balance your work with your personal life.

The farm values its seasonal workers, making it an excellent choice for those looking to be part of an inspiring and supportive community.

fruit picking jobs

Understanding Pay Rates and Hours

To make the most of your fruit picking job, it’s essential to understand the pay structure and working hours.

The National Minimum Wage and National Living Standards. Wage are the minimum pay rates for fruit picking jobs in the UK, but overtime pay and productivity bonuses can significantly boost your earnings.

Let’s take a closer look at how pay rates and hours work in the fruit picking industry.

National Minimum Wage & National Living Wage:

The national minimum wage for fruit picking jobs in the UK is the same as the general minimum wage.

As of April 2023, it stands at a rewarding £10.42 per hour for workers aged 23 and over.

Given that fruit picking jobs often involve long hours, especially during peak seasons, it’s crucial to keep the minimum wage and the national living wage in mind to ensure you’re being paid fairly for the work you do.

Overtime Pay & Productivity Bonuses:

Overtime pay and productivity bonuses can offer an exciting opportunity to boost your earnings in fruit picking jobs.

The potential overtime pay could vary depending on the employer, so it’s worth asking for specifics. It could be a standard hourly or daily rate of pay.

For example, the thrilling rate for overtime pay at Hall Hunter is £13.03 (after April 2023).

By taking advantage of overtime opportunities and aiming to achieve productivity bonuses, you can significantly increase your income during the fruit picking season.

Accommodation Options for Seasonal Workers

When embarking on your fruit picking adventure, it’s important to consider your accommodation options.

Farms in the UK offer on-site accommodation with various facilities and amenities, while off-site housing options provide greater independence and privacy.

Let’s explore the different accommodation options available for seasonal fruit picking workers in the UK.

On-Site Accommodation:

Farms in the UK that offer on-site accommodation for seasonal fruit picking workers provide a range of bedrooms to suit groups of 2, 3, 4, or 6 people per room.

These accommodations come equipped with fantastic amenities, such as Wi-Fi, recreation, canteen, and a shop for your convenience.

Some farms, like Hugh Lowe Farms, offer mobile homes, portacabins, and accommodation units for their seasonal workers.

On-site Accommodations are full of features that allow for a comfortable stay. These features include cooking facilities, showers and toilets, social areas, and washing facilities including tumble dryers.

Staying on-site is a great way to immerse yourself in the farm environment and build camaraderie with your fellow fruit pickers.

Off-Site Housing Options:

If you prefer more privacy and independence during your fruit picking experience, off-site housing options are available.

These options can include hostels, hotels, and private rentals. While off-site housing can be pricier than on-site accommodation, it allows you to discover the local area and enjoy the local amenities.

When selecting an off-site housing option, consider factors such as your budget, the distance from the farm, and the amenities available in the area.

Research local housing options in the area where you’ll be working, and contact local estate agents or landlords to find suitable accommodation that meets your needs.

How to Apply for Fruit Picking Jobs

Now that you have a better understanding of fruit picking jobs in the UK, it’s time to take the plunge and apply!

The process of applying for fruit picking jobs is straightforward and can be done online or by post.

Let’s explore the steps involved in finding job vacancies and preparing your application.

Finding Job Vacancies:

To find fruit picking job vacancies, explore the websites of top fruit picking companies such as Hall Hunter, G’s Fresh, and Castleton Farm.

These companies regularly post job openings and provide details about the positions available.

You can also visit job search websites like Indeed and the Gov site to apply for jobs. Use search terms like “fruit picking” or “vegetable picking” to uncover exciting fruit picking jobs in the UK.

The picking season for tantalising fruit and vegetables in the United Kingdom is a source of excitement.

It begins approximately around April each year. By keeping an eye on job listings and applying early, you can secure a position at a top farm for the upcoming fruit picking season.

Preparing Your Application:

When applying for fruit picking jobs in the UK, be sure to include your CV, a cover letter, and any relevant qualifications or experience you may have.

Highlight any relevant work experience, such as previous fruit picking jobs or other agricultural work, to make your application stand out.

Clearly indicate your availability, such as the days and hours you are available to work, to ensure you make the most of the opportunity.

Emphasise any relevant skills, such as fruit picking, inspection, quality control, and physical fitness, to boost your chances of securing a fruit picking job.

fruit picking jobs

Final Thoughts…

Fruit picking jobs in the UK offer an incredible opportunity to earn money, gain valuable experience, and enjoy the great outdoors.

Top farms such as Hall Hunter, Hugh Lowe Farms, and Clock House Farm actively seeking seasonal workers and offering competitive pay rates, accommodation options, and a supportive work environment, there’s never been a better time to embark on a fruit picking adventure.

So why wait? Apply for a fruit picking job today and start reaping the rewards of this exciting seasonal work opportunity!

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we answer your frequently asked questions about fruit picking jobs.

What does the role of a fruit picker involve?

A fruit picker is responsible for harvesting different types of fruit from farms and orchards. Duties often include picking fruit from trees or bushes, sorting and packing the produce, and occasionally pruning the plants.

Is previous experience necessary to become a fruit picker?

While it can be beneficial, previous experience isn’t a must to become a fruit picker. Many farms provide on-the-job training to get you up to speed.

 Is fruit picking a seasonal job?

Yes, fruit picking is typically a seasonal job. The demand for fruit pickers increases during the harvest seasons, which may vary depending on the type of fruit and the region.

How often will I be paid weekly in this role?

Fruit pickers are usually paid weekly. This provides a steady income for those who commit to the seasonal job.

What kinds of fruit will I have to pick?

The types of fruit you will need to pick can vary. Common fruits include apples, strawberries, raspberries, pears, and blackberries, among others.

What are the competitive rates for a fruit picker job?

Pay can vary depending on the farm, your efficiency, and the type of fruit you pick. However, most farms offer competitive rates to attract reliable and hardworking pickers.

Are there many jobs available in the fruit picking industry?

Yes, there are many jobs available in the fruit picking industry, especially during peak harvest seasons. It’s advisable to apply early for these roles as they are often popular due to their flexible nature.

How physically demanding is it to pick fruit?

To pick fruit can be physically demanding. It often involves bending, lifting, and being on your feet for extended periods. However, many pickers find the work rewarding and enjoy being outdoors.

Do I need special equipment to pick fruit?

Generally, farms provide all the necessary equipment to pick fruit. This may include ladders, picking baskets, gloves, and more. It’s best to check with the farm beforehand about what you’re expected to bring.

Can I apply for a fruit picker job if I’m not from the UK?

Yes, many farms in the UK hire workers from abroad for seasonal fruit picking jobs. However, you should check on the latest visa regulations and requirements before applying.

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