Fruit Picking Jobs – Find Fruit Picking Jobs UK

Fruit Picking Jobs – Find Fruit Picking Jobs UK

Are you fit, healthy and need to make money doing manual labour? You can apply to be a fruit picker in the UK.

Currently there’s a lab or shortage due to border closures, and this could mean that the food that usually goes to shops won’t be delivered and wasted. However, you and people who you think might be interested can save the day.

Fruit Picking – Getting Started

To qualify as a fruit picker you’ll need to be able to do manual labour and are 18 of age or above. You don’t need to be extremely fit. As long as you can move around, reach and collect various fruits and vegetables then you should be fine.

Fruit pickers are paid by the hour and it can be a good source of income if you know where to look.

The hourly wage may vary from one farm to another, but the usual range is between £9 to £14. Some farms will have incentives such as productivity bonuses if you do a good job.

If you’re new to the fruit-picking industry and don’t have a clue what to do, don’t fret. These farms will provide training depending on the season and what kind of fruit or vegetables you’ll be picking. As a bonus you’ll learn how to choose the freshest produce straight from the experts!

Fruit picking jobs are seasonal which means they’re not available all-year round. However, the pay is above minimum wage so you should definitely take advantage.

Where Can I Find Fruit Picking Jobs in the UK?

You can locate picking jobs near me by using your smartphone and Google. Alternatively, here are some websites you can visit to check for fruit picking jobs.

Pick for Britain – The company hires seasonal workers under the ‘Pick for Britain’ campaign. The site also has a ‘find a job’ service link you can go to for additional work.

Summer Field Work – Mainly recruits work for their Norfolk and Suffolk. You can follow them on social media to be notified on when they have work.

G’s Fresh – Check the link that says ‘seasonal work’ and apply for openings such as a production operator (packing and labelling produce) or a field based operator (planting and harvesting produce).

Pro-Force – Aside from food production and agriculture work you can also apply for horticulture, meat & poultry, distribution and driving tasks.

Hops Seasonal Work – Hops preps you to the world of fruit picking and has an informative webpage that details the roles, process and more. There’s even an online job application form you can fill out.

Hall Hunter Farms – Similar to Hops, Hall Hunter has a well-designed page that tells you all about the pay, work process, training and accommodation (should you need it). They’re also one of the biggest berry growers in the UK.

British Summer Fruits – If picking berries is your preferred job then give BSF a go. They offer a number of seasonal work in a number of locations across the UK.

Tips for Fruit Picking Jobs in the UK

Vegetable and fruit picking season usually starts at April and can depend on several factors, such as the vegetable or fruit, as well as the weather. The last month would be in November for greens, Brussels sprouts and late-season apples. Like anywhere else social distancing is required, as are health and safety practices in and around the workplace. Government guidelines are also observed.

Working in a fruit or vegetable field can be hard work but it’s rewarding in the end. You get free exercise and fresh air, as well as gaining knowledge on how to pick the best fruit.