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How to Get Free Paint with the Community RePaint Scheme

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How to Get Free Paint with the Community RePaint Scheme

Is your home looking a bit dull and tired, and in need of a fresh coat of paint? Or maybe you’re part of a community in need of paint for a project such as graffiti covering, beautification and others.

In this case, you won’t have to spend money to get paint. It’s available for free through the Community RePaint scheme in the UK.

What is Community RePaint?

Community Repaint is a programme where unused and unwanted paint are pooled together for community or DIY use. Dulux has sponsored the effort since 1993.

Businesses, decorators, manufacturers, high street shops and individuals can donate paint to those who need it. The scheme moves approximately 300K of paint to those who need it annually.

It’s said that on average, UK homes will have seventeen or so paint cans that are lying around the house. Why not support a good cause and donate it instead?

Then again, if you or your community is badly in need of paint for a project then you can get them absolutely free.

How Can You Get Free Paint?

The Community RePaint scheme has local listings as well as details on what kind of paint they have. Some offer them for free while others charge a nominal £1 per litre. The money goes back to the local community since it’s a non-profit organization.

Some of the types of paint you can get are varnish, wood stain, primer, satin paint, exterior paint, floor paint, masonry paint, undercoat, eggshell, gloss or tile and matte and silk emulsion. Availability will depend on which ones the local scheme has in stock.

There’s no beating free paint, and instead of having it wasted you and your community can put them to good use. Community RePaint should be the first organization you should go to so you can complete your budget renovation or DIY project.

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