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FRFree Lotteries you can win Cash Prizes from in the UK

Free Lotteries you can win Cash Prizes from in the UK

Even with all the controversy associated with the lottery, millions of people still participate. For convenience, there are so many online lotteries that exist today and many of them free. It is unbelievable that players can benefit in several ways in playing the lottery ranging from offering an ideal chance to have lots of fun, to supporting good causes, allowing you to examine your dreams, and an opportunity to win big. If you feel ready to try out the online lottery, there are multiple free options that you can try out some of which are highlighted below.

Pick My Postcode:

Pick my Postcode was formerly referred to as the Free Postcode Lottery and is among the biggest and most legitimate lotteries in the UK. To take part, you are simply required to sign-up on the website and enter the email as well as the postcode. Doing so means an automatic entrance into all the Pick My Postcode’s main draws. You can also enter more draws by completing more simple tasks on the website. One crucial aspect to note about this lottery is that its prizes and jackpots are pretty smaller compared to most other options with the top prize ever won being £2526 with most of the daily draws worth of few hundred pounds. Despite being little money, it is worth a try considering that it is free.

Freemoji Lottery:

Launched in late 2016, Freemoji Lottery is owned and operated by Pick Media outside the UK. It holds two draws daily whose outcomes are posted immediately after the draw that takes place every day at 7pm GMT after which the entries for the following day are opened. The main draw takes place after every entry that was submitted and thrown into a pool from which the winning combo is drawn which gives a guarantee that a winner must be drawn. The draw jackpot begins at $20 before rolling over daily until the prize is claimed. The latest jackpot went up to $320 which is a significant figure for a free lottery. The second draw is also similar with five emoji combinations that are drawn and each winner gets a $5 prize.

Free Birthdate Lottery:

Just like the above lotteries, this also requires no cash for registration. All you are required to do is input your birthdate and email address and once the data is received, you are qualified to take part in the daily draws. While the winner is randomly selected from the birthdates provided by the players, there is a guarantee for a winner every day. You can win up to $10 for the main draw.

Lucky Emoji Lottery:

Something is refreshing and fulfilling about emojis and if you feel the same, you are not alone. You can take your thirst for these elements a notch higher and use them to earn extra coins. Unlike Freemoji Lottery where the player is required to pick five emojis to win the cash, with Lucky Emoji, all you need is three emojis and wait to see if you have the winning combination. Who thought that they can win as much as £10 in a jackpot by just playing around with emojis? You can also earn extra money by boosting your bonus which entails recommending the lottery to family and friends who then sign up via your referral link.

Free Lucky Lottery:

It is similar to the regular National Lottery in the terms and conditions of participation. Playing it requires you to pick a four-digit number when signing up which ends up being your ticket to all the daily draws that you take part in. The best thing is however that unlike the chances of winning the National Lottery, the odds of winning high are more favourable even though the criteria do not guarantee a winner each day. The minimum prize starts at £10 and increases by 50p every day until the jackpot is claimed which goes as far as £52.The lottery also participates in CSR significantly with a great part of its revenue going to UK charities and some of its previous beneficiaries being the British Red Cross, Cancer Research, and the NSPCC.

Selfie Lottery:

Contrast to most people’s belief, taking selfies is not a total waste of time and can be used for monetary gain aside from the popular way of making money from social media all thanks to the selfie lottery. At its core, this lottery is not too dissimilar to most of the other free lotteries enlisted here. During registration, you are required to submit a single selfie that allows you to enter every draw with new winners being selected daily at 1pm. These winners have 24 hours to claim their prize. One of the most significant aspects that sets this lottery apart is the scale of bonuses as players can boost their bonuses by hundreds of pounds via multiple simple tasks such as taking surveys, registering for free trials, and even following the company on FB and other social media platforms. You can win up to £10 and more of the draw of this lottery.

Free National Lottery:

It is similar to the standard national lottery in almost every aspect except in a few areas. For starters, signing up at the Free National Lotto requires you to pick five numbers that you play with for every draw and there are no bonus balls while players at the paid Lottery, players can change the numbers as often as they like. Another significant difference is that there is always a winner on the Free National Lotto (winners will always be drawn no matter when and unclaimed prizes roll over up to £20.This Lottery also offers two extra draws (a daily survey where players complete a survey to reveal the winning combination worth £5 and the 5 Ball. The latter only draws numbers twice weekly and the winner is completely random and not from the users which compromises the chances of one winning especially in the main draw. The jackpot for this lottery has maxed out to £2000 as of the time of this writing.

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