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Free Legal Advice in London

Free Legal Advice in London

If you live. work, or study in London and you are faced with a tricky legal situation and you cannot afford to pay for legal services to resolve your problems there is no need to worry. For there is professional and free legal available for you to take. These services are provided by Toynbee Hall Free Legal Services and are available at their drop-in clinics and online too.

Whether in person, by text, through email or via the phone you can arrange to have a review or receive advice on issues including debt problems, health care issues, and family problems.

Benefits of using Toynbee Hall…

  • At least 4000 people are advised every single year.
  • They have a team of volunteers with a wide range of legal skills and knowledge so they can help on a variety of issues.
  • All help and advice is totally free.
  • You will be allocated the volunteer with the skills most relevant to help with your case.
  • If English is not your first language you can be provided with a translator on the phone service.

Cons of using Toynbee Hall…

  • As the advice comes from volunteers there is less incentive for them to provide accurate information.
  • There is a high demand for these services so you may have to wait several hours to see someone.
  • The volunteer you see might not have the exact expertise you require but will be the most relevantly qualified.
  • Translators are not available for the drop in sessions.

Overview of Toynbee Hall

If you are seriously short of money and need free legal advice then Toynbee Hall is possibly the best in London for that. They are constrained by the experience of their volunteers yet they will help you to the best of their ability and will know who is best to help you instead of them.

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