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Free Editing Software – Free Online Tools to Grow your Business

Free editing software

Free Editing Software – Free Online Tools to Grow your Business

Looking for Free Editing Software? Keep Reading!

Accounting and managing your business can be a simple activity if you choose to use the free online tools to build your business on a budget. Many of the free tools available online prove that running your business should not be costly, and you don’t have to pay for the tools which run a business. Read on these best free online tools that can make running your business efficient.


You might have heard of Canva but never used their services; if you have never invested your time in this tool, you miss out on business management tips. People love it to create cool graphic designs such as logos, blog posts, graphics, and PDFs with it. Canva can help you create anything that you want to incorporate into your business and customize the creation using different colors, fonts, graphics, and brands. You can choose the free version which offers these services or upgraded if you want complicated services. Although many people use it, it takes a little creativity to get the design you wish to use on Canva. When you utilize the different resources on Canva, your plans can stand out, and it can be a better online tool for a small business startup. The Canva site is compatible with desktop and phone browsers, making it easier to create your designs with simple graphics. When you get an idea, you can draft it while on the move; why not use your time on public transport systems such as trains to create designs for your business.


Typeform is a builder which allows you to brand your surveys freely online, making them attractive to clients. Typeform can help you collect feedback from clients and members quickly. The surveys are easy to edit and use, and you send the link to the recipient and when the clients see how cute the forms are, they won’t hesitate to fill in the feedback.

Color your story…

Color your story app is a free tool that edits the business Instagram and Pinterest photos. The app will make your business photos pop with one click, and you will enjoy using the app as it has many edit options which can meet your needs. You do not have to pay for different filters and presets done by bloggers, Instagrammers, and social media marketers; this is an additional cost that increases the costs of running your business. When uploading the business Instagram photos, it is better to create a common edit scheme such as matching colors, making the photos look like they are part of the same collection even if they are pictures of entirely different things.


Unum app connects with your business Instagram page making it easier to arrange the photos in a grid before uploading. You can see the current grid and choose the best photos that suit your business story before uploading. The grid is the first thing that your followers will view, and it helps them decide if they want to do business with you or not.


O-Dan is a master search for stock photos from websites such as Unsplash and Pexels. You can find unique stock photos that tell your business story, and you can download many photos that you will use for future stories.


Clickup is a free project management free online tool; when you visit the website, you can create your own ‘own space’ to draft your projects and general business tasks. It might help to add a specific deadline and essential information that eases the creation of the projects.


StoryArt is an Instagram-related free online tool that helps you create beautiful branded Instagram stories. You will not pay for its services, and it does not require constant upgrading and can help customize the colors, fonts, and placement of business templates; it can help you create unique stories for your brand which attract customers.

Final Thought

You have to learn how to utilise free online tools to build your business on a budget since the cost of running a business can reduce the profit you get from the business venture. Most of the business tools on this list are helpful as they are free and can help you achieve the desired management practices. Good luck in finding the free online tools that work for your business.

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