FREE DIY wall art – you don’t want to miss this!

Mum’s in our DIY group are getting inspired whilst out on their daily exercise and have been able to create wall art for FREE.

For this DIY all you need is a glue gun, paint, scissors or pliers and broken sticks & twigs. Member Rosie shared the first step to creating this beautiful wall art.

Using your glue gun you need to create a strong base roughly in the shape of a heart. There are various options for how to then glue down the twigs on top. Either face them all down in the same direction for a neater look or alternatively you can stick them in different directions to create a messier more natural look.

Don’t forget to let the glue dry before you start trimming the excess to create the final heart shape. Finally paint in a colour of your choice! Again there are various options for this but most of our group members recommended spray paint or chalk paint.