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FREE Business Cards | Where to get FREE Business Stationery in the UK

FREE Business Cards

FREE Business Cards – Where to get FREE Business Stationery in the UK

Looking for Free Business Cards? Well we have you covered!

When you have a business at its initial growth stages, you are always trying to work with the limited budget that you have. One of the ways that you can effortlessly achieve this is by leveraging free samples when seeking out printing services. With free samples comes a chance to evaluate the quality, functionality, colour, dimensions and other features of printing company products, merchandise and stationery. In most cases, free samples are unbranded and come as packs, including the main, if not all, the company’s products.

In this post, we are going to list and describe top UK Companies that offer free sample packs for businesses.

1. InstantPrint Free Sample Pack – Claim Here

The completely free samples offered here are meant to help you know how their most popular paper stocks and finishing feel. This is very crucial as it guides you when you want to make a purchase with them. If you order their free sample pack via their online form, you will get it within 48 hours.

The free sample pack: Best-selling printed products including flyers and booklets, paper types and laminations. The products also give you a chance to see their various fold types.

2. Printed Free Sample Pack – Claim Here 

Besides offering a wide range of quality stocks, also offers free samples tailored to meet your business needs. You can request the free sample by filling the online form.

The free sample pack: Business cards, a variety of business foiling, their bestselling printed accessories, wedding papers, wedding cards and wedding products.

3. FaceMediaGroup – Claim Here

Here, you have the chance to customize your free sample to get only the accessories you wish to buy. Complete the online form to order your sample pack anytime you intend to buy. For overseas sample pack requests, there is a £15 charge that is later discounted in your first purchase.

The free sample pack: Full colour pre-printed samples of business cards, flyers and leaflets, etc. You can also get lithographically and digitally printed items on request.

4. Hatch – Claim Here

Hatch offers high quality printed products and are ready to share free samples with their customers. All you need to do is provide an address and you will have the free samples within no time. The service is fully free of charge and there are no hidden costs.

The free sample pack: Business card, flyers, brochures and a collection of the different paper options that they offer.

5. Super Luxury Business Cards Sample Packs – Claim Here

As the name suggests, this company specialises in producing super luxury business cards. The business cards are delivered worldwide at a very affordable cost.

The free sample pack: Various luxury business card designs.

6. Ultimate Business Cards – Claim Here

If you are looking for quality and exceptional printing services that will accelerate your business’s growth, this is the company to go for. They request the business ordering their free samples to have the intention of purchasing as some of their bespoke products are pricey to produce.

The free sample pack: Samples from both premium and individual printed products. The samples cover a wide variety of colours, thickness, foils and blind debossing. Fill the online form on the website and you will get a free sample the next working day.

7. Tradeprint – Claim Here

This company, along with offering high-quality accessories and printing services, they want you to have complete confidence when using their services. The free sample packs give you a chance to feel their products’ quality and know their range.

The free sample pack: A collection of their best selling products, including business cards, folded leaflets, presentation folders and banners.

8. Primoprint – Claim Here

Primoprint lets you feel the quality of most of their popular products, stocks and finishes. The free samples are specifically designed to guide you as you make your crucial purchasing decision.

The free sample pack: 12 different business cards, brochures, postcards, stationery and more.

9. JamJar Print – Claim Here

This company understands that you sometimes have to see and feel something before you purchase it. They offer various free sample packs, all that can be requested through an online form and delivered to UK address in an accelerated manner.

The free sample pack: Business cards, Different laser cutting samples, various laminations and specialty finishes, Packaging items and Christmas printing samples.

10. StuPrint – Claim Here

StuPrint is home to cheap, quick and reliable printing services. The beauty of using this company is that they can personalize your sample to include what you need. You can order the sample by filling the online provided on the official website.

The free sample pack: A nice selection of flyers, stickers, leaflets, posters, business cards and booklets. All these come in a wide range of paper sizes, finishes and weights.

11. Overnight Prints – Claim Here

Here, you don’t just get quality printing services and free overnight pickups, as the name suggests, but also free design guides meant to steer your young business in the right direction.

The free sample pack: A wide variety of papers with different high-quality textures, finishing glosses and colours. Fill the online form provided on the website to order your free pack.

12. GotPrint – Claim Here

This company believes that when it comes to promoting your young business, you need high-quality materials, a reason why they give you a chance to feel what their products and stationery are like before you purchase them. To order the kit, visit the website and hover right to the ‘request a free sample kit,’ click the button and follow the prompts.

The free sample pack: A selection of high-quality paper samples (business cards, flyers, stickers and brochures) on multiple paper stocks (Gloss, uncoated, Matte and recycled). The samples come in different shapes and sizes.

13. SoloPress – Claim Here

This is a company dedicated to producing business cards, brochures, roller banners, flyers, leaflets, posters, stickers and many more. The free samples help you determine if the range and texture of papers used match your needs.

The free sample pack: gloss, silk and bond papers, metallic/textured papers and 7 finishing options. Get the free sample pack by filling the online form.

14. Jukebox – Claim Here

From custom-shaped stickers, super Matte to business cards, Jukebox can offer you printed merchandise for your small business’s advertising and branding purposes. If you order products worth over $49, you will get free shipping.

The free sample pack: A nice selection of their printing options based on texture, colour and thickness. A standard free sample pack will come with some of their top and cost-effective products.

15. All Promotional Products – Claim Here

As the name suggests, this company is known for its highly personalized merchandise, which can be used as an effective business promotion tool. They also do branding and modern printing services. Whether you are a new or a returning customer, you can request free samples.

The free sample pack: Printed unbranded merchandise excluding highly-priced products.

Depending on size and quantity, some sample packs may attract small charges.

16. Azimuth – Claim Here

This is a one-stop-shop offering economical printing solutions to businesses of all levels. They have a dedicated design team constantly producing high-quality merchandise. To get the free samples, you just fill in their online form.

The free sample pack: A nice collection of free unbranded flyers, booklets, folders and leaflets. The sample packs are only sent to UK addresses

17. RoutePrint – Claim Here

From cards and invites, stickers and labels to flyers and leaflets, this is the company to fulfill all your printing needs. This company is perfect for small businesses considering that it is there is no minimum spend for the merchandise and because the delivery is done free of charge.

The free sample pack: Laminated and unlaminated merchandise, a wise selection of unbranded business cards all perfectly placed in plastic wallets.

18. Complete Merchandise – Claim Here

This company is dedicated to ensuring that your business does not make any mistakes when choosing the brand to work with and make impressions that work. All their branded merchandise is great and their free sample packs exceptional.

The free sample pack: Pre-productions samples with 100% accurate representation of what the printed product will look like. Post and packaging costs may apply in some cases.

19. Marqetspace – Claim Here

This company owns a printing factory where they print your orders and deliver them to your business location in an accelerated manner. On working in the industry for a decent period, the team here can also advise you on how to achieve better results with your growing business.

The free sample pack: Swag box; A collection of unbranded printed samples. They include business cards, flyers, leaflets, envelopes way and more.

Closing thoughts

Starting a business comes with many challenges, but it feels good knowing that there is a business partner out there waiting to make things smooth for you. The printing companies in this list understand how starting a business can be expensive and that’s why they have come up with free samples to make sure that you don’t make any mistakes when making purchases. Request free samples from a few companies in this list, compare the products and choose the one that fits your business budget-wise and in terms of quality.

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