Get Paid £2520 for Getting the Flu as part of a 12 day Clinical Trial

Quintiles Medical Research are looking for volunteers to give ‘The Flu’ as part a 12 day Clinical Trial, all volunteers will be compensated £2520!


Visit 1 Screening If your results from the Panel Screening visit show that you are in good health, and have not been exposed to the specific flu strain used in the study, you will be invited to a further screening visit for the study.  This will involve a doctor going through your medical history and a physical examination. You will have a number of tests during screening including blood pressure, heart rate, 12 Lead ECG (non-painful tracing of your heart), spirometry (breathing tests), measurement of your height and weight, blood and urine tests. This appointment determines your eligibility to take part in the trial.

Visit 2  – Admission

You will be admitted to the unit 2 days before dosing.  This will be a single admission of 12 days and 11 nights. Upon arrival eligibility will be re- checked through repeat tests to ensure there are no changes to your health.  You will be placed in “quarantine” and you will not be allowed to leave the ward for the stay.

On the day of dosing you will be administered FF-3 or placebo (dummy drug) intra nasally (through the nose). Approximately 4 hours later you will receive the flu virus intra nasally. You will then be administered the study drug or placebo twice a day for the following 5 days. Throughout the duration of your visit at set time points you will have a number of assessments including; measurement of your vital signs, nasal washes, 12 lead ECGs and blood tests, urine tests, and a physical examination. However, the drug overdose can result in severe health abnormalities and disorders.

Visit 3 Follow up appointment

This will take place up to 20 days following your discharge from the unit.

To apply for this study CLICK HERE.