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Ex-Nike Worker Reveals the Secret on how to get a FREE Pair of Trainers

Ex-Nike Worker Reveals the Secret on how to get a FREE Pair of Trainers

Ever wondered how you can get a FREE pair of Nike trainers? Well, now a former Nike worker has revealed an unknown trick to getting your hands on some free trainers from the popular brand.

The ex-Nike worker revealed that you could get free trainers from the giant sportswear firm by swapping your old Nike pair for a new one. But there is a condition: you must return the old pair within one year of purchase.

The ex-Nike woman said that she worked for a US Nike store for five years and is well acquainted with Nike’s policies. In a Tiktok video, the woman explained that the sports brand considers defects to be normal wear and tear.

According to the ex-Nike worker (now hairdresser), Nike considers the following as defective:

  • Faded or worn logo (i.e., the Nike tick on the side of the shoe)
  • Broken shoelaces
  • A peeled front of the shoe
  • A popped bubble

So what happens when you return the defective pair? The Nike former worker revealed that Nike returns the pair to you under defective then gives you a gift card to purchase a new pair of shoes.

While the ex-worker’s TikTok video gained a great deal of attention, many people remained sceptical until one woman confirmed her son got new shoes with the hack. She just filled out an online form, indicated the dates on the tag, and got a $200 gift card to buy her son new trainers.

People online argue that Nike’s return policy is only 30 days. However, the return policy, however, states that faulty or defective items can be returned within two years as long as the buyer has proof of purchase.

There’s rumours that the same rules apply in the UK but they haven’t been confirmed, but if you have a pair of Nike Trainers which are less than 2 years old it certainly won’t hurt to try.

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