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England Players – Who is the Highest Paid England Football Player?

England Players – Who is the Highest Paid England Football Player?

England faced Italy in the Euro 2020 final on July 11th 2021. As their first major tournament in more than 5 decades, they missed out on the Euro 2020 trophy. Had the team won, they would have received a £12 million bonus where each player would have pocketed over £400,000. However, with the salaries they earn, the players are not in dire need of cash.

So, who’s the highest-paid England footballer?

We take a look at the highest-paid England footballer.

1. Raheem Sterling – £37 million

Raheem Sterling is one of the highest-paid footballers in England, earning more than £302,414 ($417,000) per week. Born in December 1994, the Manchester City player is a native of England’s Premier League.

He plays as an attacking midfielder and winger for Manchester City and England’s national team. The player has a sponsorship deal with Nike, where he featured in several advertisement campaigns for the company.

In 2021, he signed with New Balance, an American sports footwear brand. Thanks to his sponsorship deals, he has a net worth of £37,711,180 ($52.8 million). He recently bought a mansion with three garages and five luxurious bedrooms worth £2,973,381 ($4.1 million).

2. Harry Kane – £33 million

Harry Kane is the captain of England’s national team. Per week, he earns £201,609 (US$278,000). Born in July 1993, the professional soccer player from the UK plays for Tottenham Hotspur and England’s national team since 2010. His contract with Tottenham Hotspur runs until 2024. At only 28 years, the soccer player has a net worth of £33,359,890 ($46 million).

The soccer player has endorsements with several brands such as Hugo Boss, Nike and Cadbury. He has been named Premier League Player of the Month six times and scored over 100 goals for Tottenham. Currently, he lives in London with his wife and three children in a home worth £17,115,074 ($23.6 million).

3. Luke Shaw – £31 million

Luke Shaw is one of the best football players in the world. The 26-year-old plays as a left-back for Manchester United and the England national team. Ranked as the eighth highest-earning soccer player at Manchester United, Luke Shaw earns £148,669 ($205,000) per week.

He endorses Adidas and will make a fortune from the deal. Thanks to his net worth of £31,909,460 ($44 million), he showers his family and friends with lavish gifts. One Christmas, he spent more than £12,500 ($17,000) on Christmas gifts for Manchester United staff. He wanted to show his gratitude to the staff. Each gift basket was worth £250 each.

4. Kyle Walker – £25 million

Kyle Walker is a popular English soccer player. As one of the best right-backs in the Premier League, Kyle Walker plays for England national team and Manchester City. Born in Sheffield, England, he started playing football from a young age. His youth career began with the Sheffield United football club. He then joined Tottenham Hotspur in 2009 then Manchester City in 2017.

The Manchester City defender makes £110,232 ($152,000) per week. As one of England’s highest-earning footballers, he has a net worth of about £25,382,525 ($35 million). The soccer player has advertising and sponsorship deals with some of the highest paying brands, such as Nike. He owns a £3,626,075 ($5 million) house in Cheshire. It has six bedrooms, a five-a-side football pitch and a swimming pool.

5. Jordan Henderson – £24 million

Liverpool FC captain Jordan Henderson makes £140,691 ($194,000) per week and £7,280,000 per year. The midfielder spent his youth career with Sunderland, scoring four goals in 71 appearances. He joined Liverpool FC in 2001 and scored over 25 goals in more than 260 caps. In 2019, he won the England Senior Men’s Player of the Year award.

Jordan Henderson has a net worth of £24,657,310 ($34.8 million). He was instrumental in the Players Together initiative. The initiative encourages professional soccer players to donate part of their earnings to the NHS. In 2021, he received an MBE in recognition of his service to charity.

6. Harry Maguire – £24 million

Manchester United Defender Harry Maguire makes £190,731 ($263,000) per week. As a centre back for Manchester United and the England football team, he has a net worth of £24,657,310 ($34 million).

Born in Sheffield, he started in the youth team before signing for Hull City in 2014 for £2.5 million. Two years later, Harry signed with Leicester City for £12 million. He transferred to Manchester City for a record-breaking fee of £80 million.

Besides being a famous defender, he is popular for his reckless spending. He paid up to £63,093 ($87,000) for a fun night at a high-end bar and also rented a £21,031 ($29,000) per week villa to hold a party. Despite his reckless spending, the defender’s value continues to increase more than ever.

7. Marcus Rashford – £15 million

Since 2016, Marcus Rashford has been playing for Manchester United. As one of England’s best young players, he makes £201,387 ($277,693) per week. As the fourth highest-paid player in Manchester United, Marcus has a net worth of £65 million ($80m) according to Spear. But the Sunday Times lists Marcus’ fortune as £15,954,730 ($22 million).

Aside from his salary, Marcus has various endorsements with sportswear giants Nike. After signing with Manchester United in 2016, he rented an £800,000 home for his mum while he moved to a £1.2million five-bedroom luxury pad in 2019.

There is a good possibility that Marcus will continue making more money through future contracts. He has already won the FA Cup, the League Cup and Europa League. Apart from that, he recently showcased his skills at Euro 2020.

8. Ben Chilwell – £14 million

Ben Chilwell joined Leicester City at the age of 12. After two seasons, he joined Huddersfield Town until January 2017. He played for Leicester City for another season before joining Chelsea in 2020 for a £45 million fee. He now makes £191,456 ($264,000) per week. In 21 games for Chelsea, Ben scored 2 goals and 4 goals in 123 games for Leicester City.

Per year, the professional soccer player earns £9,880,000 per year. He has a net worth of £14,214,214 ($19.6 million). Thanks to his thriving professional career, Ben Chilwell will make more money with future endorsement deals.

9. Jack Grealish – £10 million

The attacking midfielder started through the youth system at Aston Villa and represented the club since 2014. The 24-year-old signed a contract with Aston Villa in 2018 that nets him a salary of £120,385 ($166,000) per week. This makes him the highest-paid player in the club. As one of England’s brightest young talents, Jack featured in 95 league games, registered 19 assists and scored 14 goals.

According to the Mirror, Manchester City is lining up a £101,530,100 ($140 million) deal to acquire the football star from Aston Villa. If the deal is successful, Jack will surpass his current net worth of £10,878,225 ($15 million). Despite his net worth, the Aston Villa midfielder leads a modest lifestyle.

10. Jadon Sancho – £5 million

For someone who just turned 21 years, a net worth of £5,801.720 ($8 million) is remarkable. Within a short period, Jadon Sancho has become one of the best players in the world. Born in Camberwell, England, the winger currently plays for Borussia Dortmund and makes £352,454 ($486,000) per week. He is the second-highest earner in the club.

Sancho has endorsement deals with Nike, and he is a regular feature in the promotion of various sports gear, jerseys and boots for the company. As a prominent partner of EA Sports, Jadon Sancho was part of various FIFA 20 covers and a leading ambassador of the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team. He appeared on the cover alongside Real Madrid winger Vinicius Jr and Liverpool Centre back Virgil Van Dijk.

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