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Emily Canham Net Worth – How Much is Emily Canham Worth?

Emily Canham Net Worth – How Much is Emily Canham Worth?

Emily is a successful social media celebrity who started Social Media after being bullied at school. Emily is so successful that she recently turned down £7000 for a one-minute brand deal.

Learn more about Emily Canham and her net worth in this article…

Who is Emily Canham?

Emily Canham is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle creator. On her self-named YouTube channel, Emily posts videos about her love for makeup and fashion and several other things with her friends and family. Despite being a reputable brand ambassador, Emily claims that YouTube is her main thing and that she will do it for the rest of her life.

How Old is Emily Canham?

Emily Canham was born on 5th April 1997 in Kettering, England (which makes her 24). Her Zodiac sign is Aries. Canham has an older sister named Katie and a younger sister called Sophie. Sophie has appeared on her YouTube channel as well as her Instagram.

What does Emily Canham do for a living?

Emily Canham is a serious YouTuber and social media influencer.

Her YouTube career started when she quit her all-girls A-level school. She talks of the backbiting and bitchiness in her secondary school as the main reason that made her lead an isolated life back then. Additionally, she received bullying from her colleagues, factors that led her to quit her A-levels.

Luckily, on quitting A-levels and deciding to study at home, Canham found herself on YouTube. It was on 27th June 2012 that she created her self-named YouTube channel. Emily says that it was out of boredom, but on seeing her progress, she decided to make YouTube her full-time occupation. Emily says that vlogging improved her mental state significantly.

Emily Canham made no money until her second year when she made £6 from an advertisement. She decided to move to London to pursue her YouTube career seriously. Luckily, her parents promised to support her for six months so that she could seamlessly transition to going solo. Currently, she is one of the well-paid YouTube stars in the UK.

Her YouTube channel currently has 1.12M subscribers, 727 videos and 122,524,634 total views. Her videos are typically anything from hauls, makeup, routine videos, cooking and baking videos, moving vlogs, challenges, sister videos, charity to birthday videos.

One of her most epic videos is the one she surprised her little sister, Sophie, with a Disneyland trip for her 10th birthday. Currently, the video has 4,194,318 views, 97K likes and 6.4K comments.

Emily Canham has an agent that you have to contact if you want to work with her. The agent sets the fee and Emily claims that she never inquires what her agent charges.

Who is Emily Canham’s Boyfriend?

Initially, Canham was in a relationship with a fellow YouTuber, Jake Boys. They broke up in 2017 and since then, she has kept her dating life somewhat private.

However, she has provided some insights of her relationship with James Bourne. James is a successful musician. She recognises that there is a significant age difference between them (James is 39) and that she kept things at the friendship level until she understood his intentions.

Considering the nature of their job, Emily has already made it clear that they have no plans to move in together anytime soon.

Where is Emily Canham from?

Emily Canham is from Kettering, England, but she currently lives in London. Her ethnicity is White Caucasian.

What is Emily Canham Net Worth?

Canham’s net worth is estimated to be 1 Million.

Emily Canham makes her money from YouTube ads, affiliate links and sponsored posts. She also works with big fashions and beauty brands. She is, for example, a brand ambassador for L’Oréal. Her work with the brand and the Prince’s Trust created a chance for her to meet Prince Charles. Meeting Prince Charles was one of the most epic moments in her career.

Emily Canham is so successful that she turned down a £7000 one-minute job for a certain brand. The reason behind what seemed to many as an atypical decision was the unsuitability of the brand to her audience. She made it clear that she made the decision to remain true to her fans. All in all, it is now known that Emily is well loaded and unlike other people in their early 20s, money is not really an issue for her.

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