eBay Selling – eBay Selling Tips for Beginners

eBay Selling – eBay Selling Tips for Beginners

Do you want to make any extra cash, clear out items from your house that you feel are unwanted or they are taking too much of your space? The best way to go is to put the items for sale on eBay, which facilitates sales through its website. However, most beginners find it difficult to start selling on eBay.

This article enlightens on the best eBay selling tips for beginners.

1. Take quality and clear photos to attract potential buyers.

When selling items on a website, the most important thing is the photo of the product. The image of the item should be clear and taken on a neutral background for easy visibility, as blurry images will not maximize your selling potential. On eBay, you may add as many photos as 12 without an additional cost; thus, you should take advantage and add more pictures of the item on sale. Any buyer, before purchasing something always want to see what they want to buy.

2. Optimise the item’s description

Adding more details and specifications of an item increases the likelihood of a person purchasing it. Make sure to include the colour, size, density, and other specifications of an item, as most clients will filter the items by colour, size, and different specialisations. You can opt to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes; what do you want to know about an item before purchasing? Lastly, remember to include what a customer should do in case of damages in the description.

3. Being keen on the maximum £1 selling weekends.

One of eBay’s terms is that there are charges of a 10% fee on any item you sell. However, there are some weeks where you are charged a maximum of £1 for any item you sell despite the cost of the items. It’s the best time to sell your bigger things during this promotion to avoid the 10% fee.. You must be very keen on your app or website; when you see the promotion, you activate it and make the lists sell.

4. Install the eBay app and make good use of it.

Downloading and installing the eBay app have numerous advantages for beginners. It’s one of the best eBay selling tips for beginners. The app allows you to take photos of the items and fill in all the sections of the listing. You can take the picture in your own free time, open the app and later get the product in a matter of time. Furthermore, via the app, you can take the photos, create the listings, leave them in the drafts, and wait for the maximum 1 euro promotion to activate and sell, maximizing the earnings.

5. Survey for the sales prior

You can log in to the account and check the database for an item similar to what you want to put on the website, and review the item’s selling price. This method is suitable for high-value goods and branded items. The search is simply by searching the item, then click advanced for you to see similar items sold recently. The information you get here will guide you in coming up with what to list for the item you have and the offers to accept once you get offers.

6. List your items to finish on a Sunday evening

On the eBay apps, Sunday evenings are usually the busiest time, so your main aim should be to maximise the bids this time. You can either achieve this by listing on a Sunday evening for seven days or Thursday evening for ten days. The methods you choose must ensure that you take advantage of the busiest time, i.e., on Sunday evening.

7. Understand the postage costs

When a buyer wants to purchase your items, the delivery cost matters a lot. Offering free postage or a reduced postage fee will help you win over the undecided buyers. More so, you can check to have a clue of what the other sellers charge for similar items. Also, make sure to allow for packaging when checking the size and weight of the item.

The Bottom Line

eBay is one of the best ways of making extra income or clearing up your house; however, selling on eBay is challenging for beginners. Ensure you correctly understand eBay policies and follow the best eBay selling tips for beginners discussed above. You will create successful listings and become an excellent seller, thus making profits.