Earn up to £77,000 per year as a Golf Ball Diver

Earn up to £77,000 per year as a Golf Ball Diver

Every year, millions of golf balls get lost in water around different golf courses. The number is so high because each golf course has at least four to twelve water hazards, pools, and fountains, making it inevitable to lose the ball in the waters.

This has led to the rise of a multi-million golf recycling industry to recover and recycle the golf balls for reselling. Golf ball divers are the standard when it comes to this business, and their role is significant to any company seeking to recycle this sunken treasure.

The ball diver’s primary role is to find and retrieve the balls from the water so that they can get cleaned and sold again. The salvaged balls are usually sold at a lower price than they were first bought, something that has also contributed to the growth of this venture.

What is a Golf Ball Diver?

As you may know, golf courses are both punishing and beautiful spaces with water features capable of capturing the sun’s shimmer. However, these same attractive water features end up being inconveniences to golfers when they decide to swallow misdirected balls.

Annually, almost a billion golf balls are produced, and nearly 10% of this number get lost in the different water features in golf courses. This is where golf ball divers come in to save the day and reclaim the sunken ‘treasure’.

A golf ball diver is someone who dives deep into the water features in golf courses to find the misdirected and sunken golf balls. They retrieve them for cleaning, and the balls are then recycled for reselling purposes.

How do you become a golf ball diver?

It isn’t hard to become a golf ball diver though there are some requirements before you can get suited up for the job. Two of the essential conditions for becoming a golf ball diver include a certification (entry-level) from any viable diving agency and active liability insurance.

The other requirement is that you need to have a bit of experience before being considered a viable golf diver. You should know that this isn’t a typical diving job and requires a lot of physicalities. It comes with a significant amount of stress, and you should be tolerant enough to perform the duties here clearly.

Unlike diving in the deep oceans with clear and warm waters, the water features in golf courses are full of algae and plants, which blur your vision immensely. So, you’ll need to scrabble to find the sunken goals and this isn’t usually easy since most water features in golf courses promote zero visibility.

Furthermore, the waters are usually full of mud, dirt, and polluted with multiple pesticides and fertilizers, which makes them icky. As a health measure, golf ball divers should be under regular tetanus shots.

How much money do golf ball divers make?

Golf ball divers can earn from £38,500 to £77,000 annually, which is a decent income if you think about it. Usually, an independent golf ball diver or the company they represent signs a contract with 10-20, or even more golf courses to salvage the golf balls in their water hazards.

On the contract, divers or the company agree to give a certain percentage of the balls back to the course or pay them a certain amount for each ball they’ll find. The good news is the more balls you can see as a diver, the higher the income on your side.

Where can I find Golf Ball Diver Jobs?

Like any other field, finding a golf ball diver job requires you to search for them. And thanks to multiple advancements in technology, the world is now like a village with greater connection.

You can find golf ball diver jobs by searching for them online where you can get various platforms offering this opportunity. Additionally, you can engage with people who are already in this community in their golf ball diver forums. This is where you can form connections and get alerted in the event of new job opportunities relating to golf ball divers.


As you have seen, golf ball diving is a lucrative venture as long as you have the heart and requirements. It’s not your typical job, and sometimes it gets grosser, but the returns are quite impressive if you put your sweat into it.

It’s a fun way of earning money but with a bit of danger – nothing too much to handle though. So, if you are thinking about becoming a golf ball diver, hopefully, this golf ball diver job guide will help you achieve your goal.