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Daily Mail Rewards – MyMail Rewards from The Daily Mail

Daily Mail Rewards

Daily Mail Rewards – MyMail Rewards from The Daily Mail

What Is the Daily Mail Rewards Club?

The Daily Mail Rewards Club is a rewards program that enables Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday readers to earn Nectar points. Launched in 2017 in partnership with Nectar, Daily Mail Rewards Club is one of the most generous rewards systems in the UK. Also called MyMail, the rewards program is a way for Daily Mail to say thank you to its readers. As a Daily Mail subscriber, you get to collect points each day. In a week, you can collect up to 80 Nectar points. Besides MyMail, you can collect with over 500 Nectar partners.

What are MyMail Unique Numbers?

MyMail unique numbers are 12 digit numbers printed on the back page of every Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday copies. Every time you enter the unique numbers in your MyMail account, you collect Nectar points. You can spend these points on a variety of rewards and Nectar offers.

You can only enter a unique number once and have until midnight, four days from the date of your paper to enter your number. For example, if you have a unique number from a Saturday edition, enter the unique number by 11:59 PM the following Wednesday.

How does Daily Mail Rewards Club Work?

MyMail prints unique numbers on the back page of every copy of the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday. Simply enter the unique number into your MyMail account at the top of the webpage each day. The more points you collect, the more your balance grows.

From Monday to Friday, you can collect 5 Nectar points every time you enter a unique number. On Saturdays, you will collect 10 Nectar points while on Sunday, you’ll earn 15 Nectar points. MyMail will double your Nectar points and credit them to your account if you link your MyMail and Nectar account by the 21st of the following month.

How to Set Up Your Daily Mail Rewards Account

To start collecting Nectar points, sign up for a MyMail account. It’s free and takes less than 3 minutes. Head to MyMail website, click “Join MyMail,” enter your email address and click “Continue.” Complete your details and choose how MyMail will contact you about news and offers. Select “Continue” again, and that’s it.

Your MyMail account is now ready. The site will redirect you to your MyMail account page. This is where you can manage your MyMail account. Every user must have only one MyMail account. To start collecting Nectar points, you need a Nectar card.

Don’t have a Nectar card? Don’t worry. You can get one in a few steps. Head here, enter your email address, and read the Nectar Privacy Policy. Click “Continue” and complete your details. Nectar will send you a card within 10 days. The Nectar card is free.

Once you receive your Nectar card, link with your MyMail account. Enter the last 11 digits of your Nectar card number and password to link your Nectar and MyMail accounts. New Nectar members also receive their card number after registration.

Watch this YouTube video to learn how to link your accounts.

To keep your MyMail account secure, follow these tips:

  • Use an alphanumeric password for your MyMail account
  • Do not reuse your MyMail password for any other accounts
  • Secure your email account with two-factor authentication
  • Always sign out if using a shared computer

If you notice any suspicious emails in your inbox, reset your email account password and MyMail password.

Where to Find MyMail Unique Numbers?

The Mail prints unique numbers at the bottom of the back page of its newspapers. You can collect 10 Nectar points from the Saturday edition unique numbers, 15 Nectar points from Mail on Sunday etc.

How Do You Collect Nectar Points With MyMail?

To collect Nectar points, sign in to your account and enter your unique numbers in the row of boxes appearing at the top of your MyMail account page. You can only enter each unique number once. If you’re not a MyMail member, join here.

How Much Are Nectar Points Worth?

1 Nectar point = 0.5p

2 Nectar points = 1p

100 Nectar points = 50p

200 Nectar points = £1

300 Nectar points = £1.50

500 Nectar points = £2.50

1000 Nectar points = £5

Every Christmas, MyMail gives readers a chance to double their Nectar points using Nectar Double Up events. This is a great time to boost your Nectar points.

How Many Nectar Points Can I Earn With Each Unique Number?

  • Monday to Friday: 5 Nectar points
  • Saturday: 10 Nectar points
  • Sunday: 15 Nectar points

If you collect 7 out of 7 days, MyMail will add 30 bonus points when you enter your 7th unique number. If you enter a unique number, your Nectar point balance will update in seconds. However, it may take up to 24 hours for your balance to update on certain occasions.

Where Can I Find MyMail Rewards?

Enjoy incredible rewards and offers from MyMail. To browse through the list of offers and rewards, visit the MyMail website and click “Offers & Rewards.” As a MyMail member, the offers and rewards are automatically unlocked when you sign in.

To redeem an offer, click “Redeem Now.” You must have enough points to redeem the offer or reward. Some rewards require the entry of unique numbers from specific publication dates. Other rewards will take you to the Nectar site to complete redemption. Such rewards have a Nectar corner flag.

If you don’t have enough Nectar points, you won’t see the “Redeem Now” button. If you follow the instructions, you’ll receive your reward.

Which Mail Subscription Is Right for You?

Mail has three subscription plans:

  • The Ultimate Pack – £3.09/week
  • The Weekend Pack – £1/week
  • The Digital Edition – £1.27/week

The Ultimate Pack

The Ultimate Pack gives you access to the Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday printed newspapers for seven days. You’ll also get the Weekend magazine with full TV listings. Every day, MyMail will reward you with exclusive rewards, including Double Nectar points. The standard monthly price is £26.80 and includes unlimited digital editions access on your smartphone and tablet.

The Weekend Pack

Get the Daily Mail on Saturday and Mail on Sunday as printed newspapers, including magazines. Like the Ultimate Pack, the Weekend Pack also includes exclusive rewards and Double Nectar points. The standard monthly price for the Weekend Pack is £18.99.

The Digital Edition

For a standard monthly price of £10.99, you can read the Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday newspapers on your devices. The Mail also provides access to interactive puzzles, video and audio content.

As a subscriber of the Ultimate Pack, you’ll collect 5 Nectar points each day from Monday to Friday, 10 Nectar points on Saturday. The Mail will also double the Nectar points you collect and credit them to your linked Nectar account by the 21st of the following month.

The Mail prints no unique numbers on digital editions. MyMail will credit 50 Nectar points directly to your Nectar account by the 21st of the following month. They will continue doing so as long as your subscription remains active.

If you’re not a subscriber to one of the plans above, you can still collect Nectar points. Keep buying the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday every week to get your unique numbers.

What Is the Mail Shop?

The Mail Shop is a retail website curated with readers in mind. As a multi-vendor marketplace, the Mail Shop connects shoppers to a wide range of garden, lifestyle and home products. The Mail Shop homepage provides recommendations to selected partner sites. Readers can shop for soft furnishings, beds, mattresses, outdoor furniture and more.

Powered by Shopify, the Mail Shop offers the best shopping experience. If you follow the Mail Shop recommendations, suppliers will look after your order – from shopping to delivery. Besides a great shopping experience, the partners provide excellent customer service.

You can spend your Nectar points on Mail Shop. Nectar allows you to spend in blocks of 500 Nectar points. To start spending your Nectar points, visit Mail Shop and begin adding items to your basket.

How to Contact MyMail Rewards?

For assistance with Nectar offers, call 0344 811 0811. MyMail has a FAQs section where you can find answers for MyMail Rewards Club. For example:

  • Help with offers and rewards
  • Unique numbers and Nectar points
  • Linking MyMail and Nectar, etc.

You can also call MyMail customer service from Monday to Sunday, 9 AM to 6 PM on 0300 100 0601.

Final Thoughts

The Daily Mail Rewards Club is an exciting opportunity for regular readers of the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday. As a reader, you get special unique codes from the Daily Mail’s back page, which you can earn Nectar points via MyMail.

Per week, you can claim a total of 80 Nectar points, and if you collect at least 7 out of 7 codes each week, you earn a bonus of 30 Nectar points. The more points you earn, the more you’ll have to spend on rewards such as 30% on boating holidays or 30% on full day paintballing for four.

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