Crowdology Review – Earn Money Online with Crowdology Surveys

Crowdology Review – Earn Money Online with Crowdology Surveys

You may have chanced upon Crowdology, but what is it? More importantly, how do you make money with it?

Here’s a short guide on the survey website Crowdology.

What is Crowdology?

Crowdology is the name of a website that offer monetary prizes for those who are willing to spend time answering surveys.

It’s available to survey takers in the US and the UK. You’ll have to be aged 18 and above, but once you’re in it’s just a matter of waiting and answering surveys, which can take anywhere between a few to fifteen minutes.

How Does Crowdology Work?

Crowdology is a website that aims to provide brands insights on how a consumer’s mind works.

Businesses and companies take to Crowdology to understand their audience. In return, Crowdology sets up surveys for visitors and account holders. You, the survey taker get paid and rewarded for your time.

It’s a fairly straightforward affair- log in, then wait and take part in a survey when available. You get paid in cash amounts and can ask for Amazon vouchers or thru PayPal when you reach the minimum limit.

Keep in mind that you get to keep your privacy as all surveys are anonymous.

How Do You Join Crowdology?

Crowdology only allows those who have created an account to take part in a survey.

So, if you’re interested all you need to do is visit the Crowdology website then click on the link that says ‘Register’. You will need to fill up a short form with your information, e.g., email address, first and last name, postcode and password to complete the process.

Your account will be profiled and will come up when a brand or business will need opinions of your demographic. Other than online surveys you may sometimes be asked to join a telephone survey or a focus group

You get survey notifications via email or by checking in your Crowdology dashboard.

How Do You Make Money with Crowdology?

Earning money on Crowdology is fairly straightforward- you get paid after completing a survey.

The amount depends per survey, but it’s typically more if the survey is long and less if it’s short and easy. Most pay anywhere between 24p to two pounds, while the long ones can pay up to 10 pounds.

You get rewarded once the survey ends, which is added to your account.

Is Crowdology a Safe Website?

The website is under MIG Global Ltd., which is a market research company in Scotland. Furthermore, they are a member of a research community called ESOMAR and have all the credentials needed to eliminate any doubts.

Does Crowdology Have a Refer a Friend Scheme?

Currently, Crowdology doesn’t have a referral but they may have it in the future.

How Can You Withdraw Crowdology Earnings?

Once you’ve accumulated the minimum required you can request your balance to be converted into cash thru PayPal, Amazon gift certificates or GCodes.

Redeeming is a matter of logging in your Crowdology account, then going to Rewards and choosing Amazon GCs, GCodes or PayPal.

Final Thoughts

Those who wish to maximise their time making money online can add Crowdology under their daily to-do’s. It’s a legitimate website that’s worth a look.