Clever Mum Adapts ASDA Burger Cake into Fortnite’s Burger Man

Super Mum Kelly Nugent-Smith from our Extreme Couponing and Bargains Group on Facebook managed to adapt a basic ASDA Birthday Cake into her son’s favourite Fortnite Character ‘Burger Man’ explaining in the group Kelly posted the following…

My son is Fortnite mad and loves this burger man. It’s his birthday tomorrow and I just can’t afford to go to a cake maker so I bought the burger cake in Asda for £11, bought some white ready to roll icing for £1.75 and some red for £1.75, I had green food colouring and black writing icing and made it into the character. The whole thing only cost me £14.50 and I think he’ll love it.

The post has been extremely popular with over 700 people praising the Mum for her creativity!

Have you been creative and turned a shop purchased Cake into a masterpiece? if so let us know by posting in our Facebook Group.