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Cheap Ways to Heat a Room this Winter

cheap ways to heat a room

Cheapest Ways to your House this Winter

During winter, UK temperatures can get quite low, leading to an increase in heating expenses. Don’t fret about the high heating costs though!

In this blog, we’ll explore various economical strategies on how to heat a room cheaply and ensure you stay warm without emptying your wallet.

Central Heating

One of the most affordable and effective means of heating your space is through gas central heating.

Radiators are energy-efficient and generate significant heat with little waste.

If your home has central heating, you can tailor it to heat specific rooms by modifying the thermostats.

This adjustment allows you to warm the room you’re using without overheating the entire house, ultimately saving on your energy bills.

Should your radiators lack thermostat valves, you can purchase them for approximately £13 each.

Although there’s an upfront cost, the long-term savings are worthwhile as they enable you to regulate each room’s temperature independently.

Installing a programmable thermostat can also help manage when the heat turns on and off, saving you even more on your energy bills.

How to Heat a Room Without Heater

If you lack central heating, worry not. Here are some cheap ways to keep warm.

Oil-filled Heaters:

These heaters, though slightly costlier than electric heaters, are effective at maintaining warmth and heat a room more efficiently.

They’re ideal for larger rooms and provide a consistent, long-lasting source of heat, thereby saving you money in the long run.

However, due to their weight, they’re less suitable for small or frequently used rooms.

Electric Heaters:

Perfect for smaller rooms that need quick heating.

These heaters are light, portable, and easy to move around, making them excellent for heating rooms for short durations.

While electricity costs can be high, it’s best to use them in short bursts when needed.

When selecting an electric heater, it’s worth considering a convection heater as they heat the entire room air instead of specific areas, making them more energy-efficient.

How to Heat Room without Electricity

Looking for more savings on your heating bill? Here are a few ways you can achieve that.

Switching Energy Supplier or Tariff:

A simple way to reduce your energy bills is by changing your energy supplier or tariff.

This change could potentially save hundreds of pounds every year.

With a quick comparison of energy tariffs, you can find a supplier offering better rates for your energy usage.

cheap ways to heat a room

How to Keep Warm in Your Room

Now that we’ve explored heating options, let’s look at ways on how to keep warm in winter.

Heat Reflection:

Reflective foil is an inexpensive and simple method to bounce the heat back into your room.

This way, you reduce heat loss, especially if your radiators are attached to external walls.

A shelf installed above your radiator can prevent heat from rising to the ceiling, spreading it throughout the room instead.

Use of Thermal Curtains:

Windows, even double-glazed ones, can lead to heat loss.

Thermal curtains slow this loss down and help to maintain warmth in the room.

Plus, they are available in various styles, so you won’t have to sacrifice aesthetics.

Bubble Wrap on Windows:

If you have single-glazed windows, bubble wrap can act as an excellent insulator.

A little bit of water will secure the wrap to the windows, reducing heat loss significantly.

Draught Excluders:

Draught excluders are an inexpensive and quick solution to heat loss around door frames.

They come in various sizes and styles to suit your door and preferences.

Loft Insulation:

Insulating your loft is an affordable and effective method to reduce heat loss, keeping your home warm.

This task is a DIY-friendly project that you can undertake without breaking the bank.


Bare floors or tiles can be chilling during winter. Carpets or large rugs can help retain heat and keep your feet warm.

Heat Yourself:

If all else fails, or you’re still feeling cold, use a hot water bottle, heated throw, or electric blanket.

These items are cheaper than heating a whole room and provide direct, targeted heat.

Final Thoughts…

How to heat room without heater, or how to keep warm without heating a whole house doesn’t have to be a pricey affair in the UK.

By implementing simple changes to your home and heating habits, you can lower your energy bills and stay comfortable throughout the winter.

Whether you choose central heating, an oil-filled heater, or an electric heater, remember to retain the heat by insulating your home and reducing heat loss.

With these tips and tricks, you can heat your room on a budget and stay snug and warm all winter long!

cheap ways to heat a room

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we answer your frequently asked questions on how to heat a room cheaply.

What is the cheapest way to heat a room?

The cheapest way to heat a room is often using gas central heating, especially if you already have it installed. However, other affordable options include oil-filled heaters and, for shorter periods, electric heaters.

How to heat room without heater?

There are various strategies to heat a room without a heater. Using insulation techniques like installing reflective foil, fitting thermal curtains, applying bubble wrap on windows, and using draught excluders can help maintain warmth. Insulating your loft and carpeting your floors also help retain heat.

How to heat room without electricity?

While electricity is commonly used for heating, there are several other ways to heat a room without it. You can use oil-filled heaters or gas central heating if available. Insulation techniques can also help retain heat and keep your room warm.

How to keep warm in winter?

Keeping warm in winter involves both heating your space and preserving that warmth. Alongside heating your room with central heating or heaters, you can insulate your home using thermal curtains, draught excluders, and bubble wrap on windows. Additionally, heating yourself directly with items like hot water bottles or heated blankets can provide extra warmth.

How to keep warm without heating?

If you don’t want to use heating, there are several ways to stay warm. Insulate your home well to retain the heat. Use thermal curtains, reflective foil, draught excluders, and loft insulation. Also, consider warming yourself directly with items like heated throws or hot water bottles.

How to heat a room cheaply?

To heat a room cheaply, consider using oil-filled or electric heaters. If you have central heating, optimise it by adjusting the thermostats in the rooms accordingly. You can also consider insulation techniques to retain heat and reduce heating costs.

What are some cheap ways to keep warm?

Some cheap ways to keep warm include using draught excluders to prevent cold air from entering the room, insulating your windows with bubble wrap, and using thermal curtains. Additionally, using heated blankets or hot water bottles can provide direct warmth without the cost of heating an entire room.

How can I keep my house warm without raising my energy bills?

You can keep your house warm without raising your energy bills by implementing effective insulation techniques. This could involve installing draught excluders, using thermal curtains, putting bubble wrap on windows, and insulating your loft. You can also try switching your energy supplier or tariff to save more.

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