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Can You Run a Inflatable Hot Tub on a Budget?

inflatable hot tub

Can You Run a Inflatable Hot Tub on a Budget?

Simply put, you can run a inflatable hot tub if you are on a budget. Studies have shown that it costs roughly £14 -£20 a week to run and maintain a hot tub. As you can see, this is doable; and we have some tips that will allow you to save some cash while enjoying all the benefits of a hot tub.

1. Choose the Right Size

As you may expect, smaller hot tubs will cost less to run, and larger ones will cost more. For this reason, it is important to choose the hot tub that fits into your lifestyle. For instance, if you are a couple or small family then chances are that you won’t need a large hot tub. That said if you plan on entertaining it may be a good idea to invest in one that will accommodate. But you should also take into consideration how often you will be having guests that will be using the hot tub.

2. Keep the Heater On

This may come as a surprise, but keeping the heater on a moderate temperature continuously will use less energy than turning it on when needed. You can always turn it higher before you get in, but making it heat cold water will use a lot more energy and time. This will also encourage you to use it more often, which allows you to get your money’s worth out of the hot tub.

3. Use the Lid

The lid of your hot tub is not only great at keeping out dirt and debris but can also maintain the temperature which keeps your maintenance costs lower. Hot water can cool down fast, especially if the climate surrounding it is colder or during cooler months. If the lid is left off, for the most part, the hot tub will be working harder to maintain the desired temperature.

Keeping the cover in good condition is also important, as this will keep the temperature in the hot tub at a stable and maintainable degree when not in use. When it is secured in place, there should be no gaps or holes for the hot air to escape, which will keep the running costs for your inflatable hot tub low.

4. Buy a Protector

Regardless of the type of spa that you have just purchased, you may be wondering why you would need an additional base. The reason is that keeping the bottom of your inflatable hot tub protected will add to the overall life span, and can reduce the cost of running the hot tub. There are many add-ons that you can purchase; some will add to the overall integrity and life of your spa, while some will just be for fun.

A high-quality protector will help to keep the hot tub insulated and keep sharp objects from puncturing the base or sides.

5. Fill with Hot Water

A lot of people will fill their inflatable hot tub for the first time with water from a garden hose; which is cold. There is nothing wrong with that, but if you are already using the resources it would be more cost-effective to hook the hose up to the hot water tap. This will allow you to use the hot tub sooner and reduces the amount of energy that it will need to use to heat the water once it is added. Keep in mind to add cold water to start with for the base, to prevent damage.

6. Location is Key

As we went over above, the weather can have a direct impact on how much electricity you will need to expend to maintain your inflatable hot tub. By choosing the right location, you can ensure that you are using less and your hot tub is at the right temperature. You will want to place it in an area that is somewhat protected from the wind and other elements of nature. Keep in mind as well that you will want to keep it away from anything that can cause damage, such as a falling branch.

7. Buy Chemicals on Sale

Chemicals are key components to have to maintain the PH balance of your inflatable hot tub and to keep it clean. However, they can be expensive and can add up quickly. For some perspective, these are the types of chemicals that you will need:

  • Shock Treatment
  • Sanitizer
  • Testing Strips
  • Chlorine
  • Bromine
  • Oxidizers
  • Foam Removers

Because of the quantity needed and cost, it is recommended that you try to either buy these in bulk or when they are on sale. This will help to keep the costs down for maintaining your hot tub and can be especially useful when on a budget.

8. Clean Regularly

Maintaining your hot tub and keeping it clean will lower your overall costs by reducing the need to use and buy chemicals when problems arise. You can use natural cleaners and buy a hot tub cleaning kit to make this easier. Additionally, keep an eye on the filters and make sure to either clean or replace them as needed. If there is a blockage in the filter, this will prevent them from performing their intended purpose and will lead to issues in the future with your hot tub. By cleaning and maintaining your hot tub components regularly, you can cut back on unnecessary costs

9. Monitor the PH Levels

You may know that the PH levels in your hot tub need to be monitored and regulated as needed. But why is that? The desired range for PH is between 7.2 and 7.8; anything below this range will become acidic, and can not only burn your skin by corroding the water heater.

Also, water that is much higher on the PH scale that will make the water cloudy and cause scaling to develop on other components of the hot tub. The chemicals that are added to the hot tub also will not function properly if the PH is not writhing the desired range.

10. Little Things Add Up

There are constantly new improvements in the world of hot tubs, with new technology that can save you money. As an example, a lot of hot tubs will feature air jets. While these are great for massaging sore muscles, they can bring in cold water into the hot tub. By simply turning these off, you can keep the water warm and reduce your electrical costs.

Another benefit of some newer models is that they will have a power-saving timing feature that will allow you to program the heater to fit in with your needs. While these features may be more upfront, they will save you money in the long run and be worth investing in.

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