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Brogan Tate Net Worth – How Much Is Brogan Tate Worth?

Brogan Tate Net Worth – How Much Is Brogan Tate Worth?

In this post, we’ll cover your YouTuber and blogger- Brogan Tate’s- bio and net worth data.

Who is Brogan Tate?

Brogan is a popular digital content creator who runs a successful YouTube channel and blog. Her social platforms have been lauded for sharing insightful and rich beauty and lifestyle content.

Brogan and Tate are her first and middle names, respectively. Her social media accounts usually have an ‘XO’ after her name. XO is a random name Brogan chose when picking available usernames for her digital platforms.

Watching Disney films while enjoying a good cup of tea and admiring seaside landscapes are some of Brogan’s major pastimes.

How Old is Brogan Tate?

Brogan Tate is currently 27 years old. She was born on 24 March, 1994 in England, United Kingdom. Her birth sign is Aries.

What is Brogan Tate Famous for?

Tate is famous for running successful digital content platforms such as a YouTube channel and blog.

Brogan joined YouTube on May 8, 2011. Her channel currently boasts 80.7K subscribers.

Around the same time she started her blog, in recognition of her efforts in creating premium content, she won the prestigious title of ‘Best vlogger’ at the 2016 Blogger Blog Awards.

On her YouTube and blog, Brogan Tate showcases her lifestyle tips, documents her travels and shares a peek into her life navigating adulthood.

Tate has also gained popularity on social networking sites. She currently has 54 K followers on Twitter, and 48.8K followers on Instagram.

Brogan has been featured on BBC, MTV and on several interviews/online coverages.

Where is Brogan Tate from?

Brogan is from England, United Kingdom. Brogan notes on her blog that she enjoys living by the seaside in Bournemouth, UK. Tate’s nationality is England.

What is Brogan Tate’s Net Worth?

Digital content creator Brogan has an estimated net worth of £100K-250K.

YouTube leads as her main money-generating platform.

Brogan Tate has monetized her YouTube channels with ads. To date, her YouTube channel has over 11 million views and gets around 4 thousand views each day.

Based on YouTube’s average revenue per thousand views of £3-£7, Brogan Tate’s monthly earnings should average at £486 This translates to over £7000 a year.

These estimates are just based on how much Brogan might make from her YouTube channels alone. With other income streams such as affiliate commissions and earnings from digital and physical products, she could be fetching upwards of £30,000 per year.

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