Beginners Guide to BillBuddy

Beginners Guide to BillBuddy

If you keep a running tally of your monthly bills, you’ll soon make the painful discovery that you’re overpaying for energy, mobile, insurance, or broadband. What if there was a handy way to keep track of your bills, keep a watchful eye on the market, score the best energy deals, or even make a switch?

Enter BillBuddy, a revolutionary AI-powered service that sifts through myriads of tariffs from a wide range of broadband, mobile, energy, and insurance providers in order to help you find better deals in a breeze.

This beginner’s guide takes a quick dive into the nitty-gritty of BillBuddy.

What is BillBuddy?

Most people give at least three reasons for not ditching their costly gas and electricity suppliers: it’s hard to keep track of new deals; it’s a hassle to switch, or the switching process is confusing. BillBuddy is a smart auto-switching service that promises to solve all three issues.

Unlike traditional tariff comparison websites, BillBuddy is an intelligent, AI-based digital assistant with the aim of saving you bundles on energy bills. It also offers price comparison and deal-finding services for mobile phone deals, broadband, home insurance, and car insurance.

BillBuddy searches all the offers from the leading energy suppliers in the UK. In this way, it helps you find a cheaper tariff in seconds, so you can save hundreds of pounds by switching. Not just that; you can learn about deals specific to you and auto-switch, helping you save more and spend less on monthly bills.

You could think of BillBuddy as a nifty personal chatbot that constantly keeps track of your mobile, broadband, energy, and insurance bills and lets you know if and when you can make savings. It’s essentially a clever digital assistant platform, much just like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Bing Cortana.

It answers all bill, tariff, or deal-related queries you ask. For instance, you can ask BillBuddy how much you’re paying for broadband, home insurance, or energy. Or, perhaps you want to know when your current energy deal expires. The app will inform you when you can make savings by switching to a better supplier.

How Does BillBuddy Work?

Every year, UK households pour billions of pounds down the drain by overpaying for electricity and gas. Others pay more than they need to for new phones, car insurance, and home insurance. That’s because cheaper tariffs, exciting offers, and good deals are usually only given to new customers, which leaves you with hefty monthly bills if you don’t switch suppliers often.

BillBuddy is an all-in-one solution for those looking to save on energy, broadband, insurance, and mobile by switching. It scours thousands of offers and tariffs from top suppliers in the UK and thus helps households find better deals and save on monthly bills.

Making huge savings with BillBuddy is as easy as 1, 2, 3 …

● Quick comparison: BillBuddy enables you to compare multiple tariffs from a vast range of supplies and score the best deals for you in no time.

● Auto-switch: Once you’ve zeroed in on cheaper energy, broadband, or insurance deals, they’ll take care of the rest. That’ll save you lots of hassle, time, and paperwork. More importantly, there’ll be no interruption to your service and you won’t be slapped with unexpected bills.

● Enjoy cheaper tariffs: BillBuddy has no partnership with any of the suppliers, so there is no conflict of interest. It’s all about finding you the cheapest tariffs and the best deals possible.

The best time to switch from your expensive provider is now, and BillBuddy is the help you need to save and streamline the whole process.

Is BillBuddy Free?

Yes, it’s free of charge. One of the best things about BillBuddy is that it costs you nothing to use it, no matter the savings or supplier you eventually switch to. Like most auto-switching services and price comparison sites, the company earns its dues through commission and not by charging consumers.

How do you join BillBuddy?

BillBuddy is easy and hassle-free not only to use but also to sign up. To join, simply key in your area postcode and you’ll be shown deals available in your location. You’ll also be required to enter your details. BillBuddy will send an email containing an auto-login link.

It’s that simple, and you’ll be on your way to energy savings in minutes.

How does BillBuddy save you Money?

According to BillBuddy, UK households can save an average of £200 annually through its tariff-comparison and deal-finding service. When you take a closer look, you’ll discover that it saves you money in more than one way.

Firstly, BillBuddy makes it effortless to switch to a cheaper energy or broadband tariff, helping you save money every subsequent month. It also helps you compare car and home insurance, so you can find the most affordable option. Above all, BillBuddy reminds you of renewal dates and thus prevents you from falling onto expensive tariffs.

Final Thought

BillBuddy is a godsend auto-switching service for your broadband, energy, mobile, and insurance bills. It’s free, user-friendly, and takes the guesswork out of finding the best deals and cheaper tariffs. Verdict: it’s definitely worth your while.