Baking Soda Hacks Which WILL Save you Money

Baking Soda Hacks Which WILL Save you Money

There are so many ways to use baking soda to save you money! here are our favourites….

Use Baking Soda as Deodorant 

Instead of buying store-bought deodorant, you can create your own with baking soda and essential oils. Put some baking soda on your carpet, let it sit for an hour, then vacuum thoroughly. You can also open a box of baking soda and let it freshen the inside of your closet. To deodorise your garbage disposal, pour baking soda and white vinegar down the drain and the disposal will smell nice again. Other things you can deodorise with baking soda include gym shoes, refrigerators, and litter boxes.

Cleanse Your Body and Skin With Baking Soda

If you’re getting tired of using the same skincare products that don’t work, consider baking soda. Combine baking soda with a little water to exfoliate your face. Instead of toothpaste that has toxic ingredients, use baking soda with peppermint oil. Water and baking soda make a great mouthwash. And there are numerous deodorant recipes that contain baking soda as the main ingredient. For rough feet, soak them in baking soda and warm water.

Good for Unclogging the Drain

When you consider most products designed to unclog drains, they contain chemicals that are not the best for your skin. To unclog your drain with baking soda, pour one cupof it down the drain along with a cup of white vinegar. After 20 minutes, pour seven cups of hot water down the drain.

Eliminate Hair Product Buildup with Baking Soda

Don’t buy that pricey dry shampoo just yet. For far less money, you can use baking soda to eliminate product buildup that is in your hair. Start by applying a paste of baking soda and water to your scalp, then rinse with apple cider vinegar and water.

Help with Heartburn Pain

Another cool benefit of baking soda is that it helps reduce heartburn pain. While many antacids work, some of them can be pricey. This is why baking soda is a neat alternative that saves you money.

An Excellent Stain Remover

You don’t have to spend lots of money on traditional stain removers every few weeks. Cut down on the price by using baking soda to remove tough stains out of clothes. Combine white vinegar with the baking soda, and you’ll barely notice the stains that previously existed. You can also use this to get the stains out of carpet.

Chase The Bug Bites Away

Summer is a time when the bugs are biting everyone, but you don’t have to purchase those expensive bug bite sprays. Just combine baking soda with witch hazel or rubbing alcohol and apply it to your bites. This is a frugal way to get rid of the itch and red patches on your skin.

Natural Acne Fighter

Some acne products just don’t work for everyone’s skin type. However, baking soda works on most skin types and when combined with a little water, you can dry out those big and annoying pimples.

Soften Your Hands

When you combine hand soap with baking soda, you’ll have softer hands.

Great for Scrubbing Tubs and Sinks

Instead of buying pricey cleansers for your tubs and sinks, use baking soda and water along with essential oils to clean them well.

You Can Even Polish Silverware!

When you run out of your usual silverware polish and guests are coming over soon, don’t panic. All you have to do is use a combination of baking soda and water to polish the silverware.

Tell Those Pesky Ants Goodbye

Another neat benefit of baking soda is that when combined with salt or cayenne pepper, you can eliminate annoying ants from your yard.

These extraordinary yet simple baking soda hacks will save you hundreds of dollars each year. You’re using an ingredient that is safe and affordable for every need possible.