Anastasia Kingsnorth Net Worth – How Much is Anastasia Kingsnorth Worth?

Anastasia Kingsnorth Net Worth – How Much is Anastasia Kingsnorth Worth?

YouTube is today not only a video-sharing platform but also a paying platform for content creators. One YouTuber who’s reaping big from the platform is Anastasia Kingsnorth. She’s quite popular in the UK, so if you’ve been following her, you may want to know more about her life and career.

This article will give you updated information about Anastasia focusing on her bio and net worth.

Who is Anastasia Kingsnorth?

Anastasia Kingsnorth, formerly known as Floral Princess, is a gorgeous, young and popular YouTuber from Kettering Northamptonshire, England. She runs a self-titled YouTube channel where she posts her own videos. She made this channel on December 29, 2013, along with a side-channel named Anastasia’s Vlogs.

The first 3 videos on her self-titled channel (the main channel that she is best known for) are ‘weekend night routine’, ‘cute room decoration and organisation ideas’, and ‘school morning routine’.

On a personal level, people love Anastasia for being a charming a lively young lady who provides value in every piece of content she produces.

How old is Anastasia Kingsnorth?

This young YouTube sensation was born on October 13, 2000. She’s 20, waiting to clock 21 on October 2021.

Anastasia’s mom Julie Stanton is also a social media sensation. Anastasia has a young brother named Atticus, an older stepsister, Louise and a stepbrother, Adam.

What does Anastasia Kingsnorth do?

Anastasia Kingsnorth majors in content creation for her self-titled YouTube channel. She makes videos on lifestyle, beauty and fashion. This has been her major occupation since her mid-teen years (since 2014).

Anastasia seems to enjoy every bit of being a YouTuber. She is also a very committed content creator who ensures that she has two video uploads on her channel per week.

In her videos, Anastasia Kingsnorth has explored most of her personal makeup and clothing collection. There’re also seasonal videos on her channel where she showcases beauty and lifestyle tips for various seasons. A perfect example here is her videos on ‘Autumn Haul.’

She occasionally invites people on her channel just to spice things up. She also has some vlogs with family on her YouTube channel.

Off YouTube, Anastasia loves art and drawing.

How much does Anastasia Kingsnorth make per day on YouTube?

Currently, Anastasia’s YouTube channel has 1.34 million subscribers and over 200 million total views. On a daily basis, her channel is able to garner over 280,000 views from various sources.

With these YouTube parameters/ views and thanks to the ads that appear on her videos, she is able to fetch around £1,400 per day. This translates to £500,000 a year.

How are YouTubers like Anastasia Kingsnorth Paid?

YouTube pays content creators an average of £2-£7 per 1000 monetised views after taking their cut. Time for monetization is a decision made by YouTube on evaluating your commitment and how the audience receives your content. Most monetized views, though, range from 40-80% of the total views.

Several factors affect the pay rate above. The main ones are:

  • Type of content you make
  • Location of the viewer
  • Device the videos are watched from
  • Types of ads placed on a video
  • Number of ads placed on a video
  • Level of ads engagement
  • Number of people who skip the ads

Advertisers dictate the cost of an ad view based on views. YouTube allows them to bid from as low as £0.01 per view.

Other ways in which YouTubers earn:

• Google Preferred- This is a program where well-to-do companies and brands pay extra money per view for their ads to be placed on the top 5% most popular content in their niche. This enables leading YouTubers to earn ad rates higher than normal rates.

• YouTube Premium – This is a strategy that enables viewers to watch YouTube videos without ads. Here, YouTube Premium/Red viewers pay a monthly fee which is extended to the content creators. YouTubers get paid depending on the watch time on their videos. This means that you only get good money from this method when viewers watch your videos for long.

What is Anastasia Kingsnorth’s Net Worth?

Anastasia Kingsnorth has an estimated net worth of £1 Million. This, as seen above, is the money she makes from her YouTube channel annually. YouTube is Anastasia’s main source of income. However, she makes extra income from brand deals.