ALDI to Launch Recyclable Bags Trial this July

ALDI plans to trial recyclable compostable and paper bags after stopping the use of plastic shopping bags.

The trial starts this July where half of ALDI Stores will offer compostable biodegradable bags while the other half of stores will stock paper bags.

  • The paper bags are the most expensive bags and will cost 19p (but they can hold up to 11kg of groceries)
  • The cost of compostable bags will be 6p (cheaper than the cost of the current of ALDI bags which is 9p)

The trial run will last two months and the most popular bags at the end of the trial will be used in all stores.

ALDI’s Goal is to eliminate the use of hard-to-recycle materials like PVC and hopes to make its own recyclable products by 2022.

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