Affected Tumble Dryers can burst into flames even when UNPLUGGED!


Reports show that affected appliances can spontaneously combust even when not plugged into an electrical socket! this has sparked even more concern across the UK especially amongst Disabled owners.

Mary, who has Crohn’s disease and limited mobility, said she is scared her tumble dryer will ignite in the middle of the night, leaving her unable to get out.

“When I read the articles online, I couldn’t believe they had been allowed to sell the products. I think it’s outrageous,” she said.

“It is difficult for me because I bought it in good faith and I am terrified that something bad will happen when I’m asleep.

Fire brigades across the UK revealed 926 fires caused by dryers were reported to emergency services between 2011 and 2013 – equal to 309 a year or one almost every day. 

Whirlpool have declined to comment.

Concerned you have an affected dryer? Check your model here

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