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Admin Jobs – 9 Work from Home Admin Jobs

Admin Jobs – 9 Work from Home Admin Jobs

With the ravaging impacts of the covid-19 pandemic, many people have lost their jobs, and many business owners closed their businesses. Most people have opted to start or continue their careers from their homes. Working from home comes with numerous advantages; you can plan on your schedule, more so, you can minimise the movement to and from workplaces daily.

Do you have a passion of working from home? If yes, then let’s look at some of the work from Home Admin jobs, which will help you kick start your career working from home.

1. Meeting and event planning

Most companies have regular meetings either weekly, monthly, or annually. These meetings may range from conferences, training to corporate retreats. This is one of the work from Home Admin jobs you can do while at home. Working in partnership with various companies like printing and branding to market and make the events a success. You’ll only need a laptop, phone, and a reliable internet connection to ensure the planning for setting up the structures and dismantling them after the event or meeting.

2. Office management

Who said that office managers should only work from the office? You can do this job in the comfort of your house. You can order all the office appliances with a phone call or message, after which organise for the delivery. Furthermore, you can plan and arrange for cleaning the office from home by a phone call or message. You can organise meals for the office employees without your physical presence. You can manage the office activities smoothly from home.

3. Data entry

If you know about data entry, most companies are looking to hire you to enter data to their various systems. This job involves typing words or numbers into a specific box in the excel worksheet. It may also include transferring particular details from a hard copy into spreadsheets to make the work available in a soft copy. Companies pay handsomely for this job. However, you must be very careful as even one number can mess up the whole database.

4. Customer service

Customer service may include various forms of communication; phone, email, and messages or online chat. Through these ways, you can connect with the customers and give solutions to their problems while at home. You can log into a system and receive customers’ calls, read and reply to messages from customers. After getting complaints, you can sort them out online via a website. Most companies have adopted this model of customer service.

5. Replying to emails

The subsequent exciting work from home admin jobs is sitting behind your personal computers and replying to emails. When replying to emails, you ought to be very professional by providing the answers clients need and sharing the required documents. It would be good to be very careful before replying to these emails to the clients to make the workflow much more manageable.

6. Travel booking

This work involves organizing travels for people. The traveling could be just one person or a group of workers who always make trips. The modes of transport can be by air, sea or road. You can have access to the best traveling companies, book and pay for the travels through the website, using the company’s card. Travel booking can be a full-time job, especially in a company where individuals travel frequently, and you can book via email or phone.

7. Diary management

Many companies and business personnel are involved in many activities and travels; thus, they need some help with their diary. This diary shows them where they need to be, at what time, and doing what; you can also include their home commitments. You can do this at home and help this person get their schedule right.

8. Virtual receptionist

Some companies direct their calls to a virtual receptionist, who mostly is not at the company’s premises. The virtual receptionist can still welcome guests and colleagues from home. Furthermore, the company later transfers the calls and messages. The virtual receptionist can draft messages on behalf of the company from home.

9. Admin assistant

This job is more suitable for individuals who are interested in bringing in the bills. You can be receiving and directing the visitors from your phone or personal computer at home. Also, you can create spreadsheets and presentations comfortably from your home. You can go through short-term training to qualify to work as an admin assistant from home.

Final Thought…

There are various work from home admin Jobs available online. Some of these jobs will be full-time or part-time. The mode of the job will depend on the size and policies of the company or enterprise. Furthermore, when choosing any of these jobs, ensure you have some knowledge about the job to improve your productivity.

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