Top 5 Tips for Couponing in the UK

Becoming a Coupon Queen is easier than you think, get past the piles of paper and the first shop nerves and you will wonder why you didn’t start years ago. Coupons can be found everywhere and the key to becoming a Coupon Queen is organisation, your checkout will quickly turn into chaos if you’re not prepared. Here are my 5 top tips on how to achieve your successful first shop and begin the journey to Coupon royalty…

  • Know where to look…

Websites such as, and update with new coupons on a regular basis (which saves you hunting around for coupons) No need to spend hours searching for coupons!

  • Be organised:

Get yourself a binder that you can sort all your coupons into, this will make keeping track of which coupons you have so much easier! It will also allow to you keep track of their expiry dates (I store all my coupons in a travel size document wallet which fits inside my handbag) it’s always good to have your coupons on hand (as you never know when you will come across a brilliant deal which you can use your coupons against!)

  • Plan your trip:

Know what you’re getting, your subtotal before your coupons are taken off and your final out of pocket expense, this will make that first coupon checkout a lot less stressful.

  • Expect to unexpected:

Things don’t always run smoothly at checkout, sometimes issues will occur (especially if it’s a new employee as your cashier) I have every supermarket coupon policy bookmarked on my phone (to show the cashier if required) this avoids delays at checkout.

*Coupon policies can be found on the official website of each Supermarket.

  • Know your coupon rules:

Is it one per purchase or one per transaction? (Read the small print on every coupon) this saves the embarrassment of having to return items to the shelves because you didn’t read the small print!

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