20Cogs Review – Earn Money for Completing Tasks Online

20Cogs Review – Earn Money for Completing Tasks Online

Are you always on the look for ways to make money online? 20Cogs, a platform that pays you to complete offers, is a viable option to try out. The platform is very easy to use, and the offers vary from surveys, free trials to entering random competitions. As its name suggests, there’re 20 tasks to complete before you cash out.

Want to know if completing the 20 tasks on 20Cogs is worth it? You’re in the right place. We’ve compiled this guide to enlighten you on how to earn money online with 20Cogs.

What is 20Cogs?

20Cogs is a website that pays users for completing various micro-tasks online. The simple tasks range from entering competitions, signing up to offers to testing online games and completing surveys.

You get a specific fee for completing a given task. The payment rate varies from one offer to another but mainly ranges from £2.5- £30. Note that this fee range is pretty impressive and there’s potential to make a lot of cash out of this.

But there’s a catch – You have to complete all the 20 cogs to cash out. While this is an excellent strategy to cash out a large amount at once, you must be committed not to get stuck in any of the tasks not to lose your crucial time.

All in all, most of the tasks on 20Cogs are straightforward to complete, so all is required of you is to be a little patient as you wait to cash out. An average user will complete the tasks within a few hours spread across the week.

How Does 20Cogs Work?

Once you join 20Cogs, you’ll see your first offer, which you need to complete to proceed to the next. Still, you can search for an alternative offer if the readily available one looks tricky. As you tackle the offer, it’ll turn amber to indicate that it’s pending.

Once you complete the offer and the advertiser confirms that you’ve completed it, it turns green.

As you wait for confirmation, proceed to the other offers and ensure that they’re completed successfully. Once they’ve all turned green, hit the Claim button to request payment through BACS and PayPal.

Is 20Cogs legit?

20Cogs is legit as they’ve fulfilled all they promise to their past customers. The reviews online are positive and there’re no complaints about payment. It may seem like a red alert to have to wait for the 20 cogs to be completed, but they keep their word and process the payment for you in an accelerated manner when all offers are done.

How do you join 20Cogs?

Follow this link and then click the sign-up on the welcome page. Fill in the basic information and wait for your account to be confirmed. As you sign up, use your money-making email so that it’ll be easier for you to cashout.

How much money can you earn on 20Cogs?

This entirely depends on the rates for each offer you complete. Taking an example of £10 as the average payment for each offer, you may earn £200 for completing the 20 offers. If you couple this with, say, several referrals, the payment will be pretty decent coming from an online platform with straightforward microtasks.

What rewards can you earn on 20Cogs?

The main rewards are cash offers you earn for completing the cogs. Others can be in the form of bonuses you earn on inviting friends. There’re also commissions that you get from what your referrals make on the platform for a lifetime.

How long does 20Cogs take to pay?

Waiting for payment requires patience as the advertiser may take long to confirm your offers (may take up to 30 days). However, once all your 20 cogs have been completed, you just need to claim your payment which will take only a few days to arrive at your PayPal.

Does 20Cogs have a referral program?

Yes, 20Cogs runs an excellent referral program that allows you to invite family and friends and boost your earning. Anytime your referral joins 20Cogs with your referral link and completes 20 Cogs, you earn a £20 bonus. It does not end here; you’ll earn 5% of what the referral makes on the platform forever. These deals make the referral program one of the great ways to boost your earnings on 20Cogs.

Final Thoughts…

20Cogs is one of the easiest ways to earn big online as long as you’re willing to put in the commitment and patience. Waiting to complete 20 tasks to cash out may be a little inconvenient for some people, but it’s what makes the entire process fun. What’s more, you’ll get to cash out big, so it’s worth the wait. It may take you several months to complete the offers, but when they all turn green, you’ll be in for a big payment.