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11 Shower Money Saving Hacks

11 Shower Money Saving Hacks

Need to cut back on your water bills? here are 10 tips to help you save money while showering!…

1) Keep a bucket in the shower to catch water, this can be used to water plants or cleaning floors etc.

2) Companies such as sell devices that attach to taps or shower heads which reduce water flow but aerate the water, giving the impression of a strong flow but without the expense.

3) Taking a cold shower in the morning saves on heating but can actually make you feel warmer throughout the day (as it stimulates blood flow) it will also increase the number of calories you burn.

4) Supermarket Own Brand Bubble Bath can be used as a substitute for shower gel and liquid soap.

5) Play a Pop song when you enter the shower as most last around 3 minutes (the recommended shower duration) once the song ends you will know to turn off the water.

6) Consider switching shower gel to soap as shower gel is mostly water and most of it goes straight down the plughole.

7) Turn off the water while soaping then turn back on to rinse off (this is called a ‘submarine shower’ as it’s a method used to conserve water on ships.

8) If you have long hair, use a plughole filter in the shower to avoid blockages with can result in costly plumbing bills.

9) Egg timers which can be purchased for £1 in stores such as Poundland are perfect to time your shower (to save water) the ideal shower duration is 3 minutes unless you are washing your hair (in that case double the amount of time).

10) for serious water savings try strip wash instead of a shower (on select days) simply rub down with a hot wet flannel, soap and rinse off.

11) Unclog a shower-head by unscrewing and placing in a small bowl of vinegar, soak overnight. In the morning give it a rinse and pop back on the shower.

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